Monopoly Board Games

Build a property empire with Monopoly board games. Play the classic board game or add a new twist with Monopoly games inspired by popular culture, new tech and more.

In the world of Monopoly, you could lose your riches on the roll of a dice. The more you build, the higher the rent you earn – but watch out! Other players are building their own empires, and the wrong move could cost you everything. Will you bankrupt your opponents, go to jail, or lose it all?

No board game collection is complete without Monopoly. Build houses and hotels with Monopoly Classic or introduce younger players to the game with Monopoly Junior – where kids can buy fun properties like the pizza house and the toy store.

For more ways to play, check out Monopoly board games with exciting new features like voice-activated banking, speedy gameplay (for a Monopoly game we can all actually finish!) and on-the-go travel boards. You can even build a tower of property to see how it falls with the Monopoly-Jenga Mash Up game.

Monopoly board games set in the world of favourite toys and movies bring new adventure to a classic game. Collect Trolls World Tour locations in the pop-tastic Trolls version of Monopoly Junior, or trade dolls instead of property with L.O.L. Surprise! Monopoly.

No matter which version of Monopoly you choose, family game night will never be the same.