Trampolines & Accessories

Our incredible range of trampolines is sure to get the kids playing outdoors.

Trampolining can help to develop co-ordination and gross motor skills, encouraging kids of all ages to keep active and have fun doing it. You can find the perfect trampoline for your family in our extensive range, whether that’s a 13ft trampoline for bigger gardens or a junior trampoline with a supportive handle for younger kids.

Make sure to measure the available space before you decide on a trampoline – the length and width of your garden may decide whether you want a rectangular trampoline that’s longer than it is wide, a circular 8ft or 10ft trampoline, or a larger 12ft or 13ft trampoline.

A trampoline can provide families with endless hours of outdoor fun – and the quality of our trampolines is sure to put a spring in your step. All our trampolines feature safety padding and enclosures designed to keep kids away from contact with the springs, as well as extra-wide base legs for greater stability. Weather resistant materials such as zinc-coated springs and UV resistant mats help to protect against wear, so you can keep jumping for years to come.

What trampoline accessories do I need?

We recommend the use of a trampoline tie-down kit with your trampoline. These help to anchor your trampoline during play for increased stability. Trampoline step ladders are also available to help kids climb in and out of the trampoline with ease.