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Bouncers, Swings & Rockers

Suitable from birth to 9kg, baby swings, rockers and bouncers make a great choice for playtime. Gentle motions help to soothe baby, giving parents a few extra minutes with their hands free. Look out for bouncers, swings and baby rockers with extra features like toy bars, soothing melodies and calming vibrations. Some rockers can even be used up to 18kg as toddler seats.

Baby swing seats and rockers help to support your newborn’s spine from playtime to naptime. Most of these cosy swing chairs have supportive backs, head cushioning and safety harnesses to keep your little one safely cocooned. And that can give you a few extra minutes with your hands free when you need a little rest! For help choosing between baby swing seats, baby bouncers and other playtime options, check out our Playtime Tips.

At Smyths the Baby Room you can find baby swings, bouncers and baby rockers from trusted brands like Ingenuity, Fisher-Price, Bright Starts, Joie and Babylo—and there’s something for every budget in our range. Before you choose a baby bouncer or rocker, it’s worth thinking about the kind of features you’ll want to soothe and entertain your little one. You should also check out our Entertainers and baby high chairs in case you need them too.

Important swing seat features that can help soothe baby to sleep include soft melodies, lullabies, white noise or nature sounds. Some baby rockers and swing chairs feature different swing speeds, adjustable recline and optional vibrations, so you can adapt the seat to a rhythm that’s just right for baby.

Choose a sit-up or cradling design depending on your little one's stage of development—some baby rockers will even adapt between the two. At playtime, a toy bar full of colourful or rattling toys can keep little ones entertained for hours, all while encouraging baby to bat and grasp. Textured soft toys are great for tactile exploration and sensory development, while a toy bar with a mirror can help encourage self-discovery.

Rockers and baby bouncers that convert to toddler chairs are a great choice if you prefer toys to last that bit longer. These adaptable baby chairs make sure baby can still use their favourite seat as they grow. If space is at a premium in your home, a baby swing or rocker that folds flat for easy storage can be a fantastic space saver. Keep an eye out for removable washable fabrics—they’ll make clean up that bit easier!

If your little one can’t get enough of rocking as they grow, we have a whole range of colourful animal rockers that are just right for playful toddlers. Stationary floor seats can offer kids a great spot to hang out too—but these are only suitable from when baby can hold their head up unaided.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
What age is a baby bouncer suitable for?

Baby bouncers are usually suitable from Birth up to 9kg or until baby can sit upright, which is usually about 6 months.

What is the difference between a baby bouncer and a baby rocker?

Baby bouncers can be used usually up to 9kg. Baby rockers convert to a toddler chair, so they can be used up to 18kg. Usually both have a toy bar and soothing vibrations.

Is a bouncer or a swing better?

Swings usually take up much more space than bouncers or rockers and they are more expensive. However, swings usually have more features including different speed settings and various lullabies. They will swing for as long as the swing is turned on.