Garden Games

Looking for games to play outdoors?

We have a wide range of garden games to help kids make the most of summer days, from classic sports sets and giant-sized board games to role play gardening toys for tots.

Garden Game Essentials

Classic toys like balls, hula hoops and skipping ropes unlock a world of possibilities. Kids can take on catch and throw challenges, learn new jumping games, start a limbo line and make their very own obstacle courses. And nothing says summer like flying a kite!

There’s a huge range of flying discs, boomerangs and throwing toys with a twist that can bring all new fun to games of catch – like the epic NERF Howler. You can even practise your serve with Swingball or tennis sets!

For Little Gardeners

For younger kids, garden games can be the perfect opportunity for some role play fun. Cook up a storm with an outdoor play kitchen, or potter around the garden with wheelbarrow sets and role play lawnmowers. A toy watering can will water the flowers just as well as a real one, so why not encourage your kids to get involved as you garden? It’s the perfect chance to teach them all about the nature around them.

Board Games Made BIG!

If you’re looking for a garden game to get the whole family involved, a giant board game could be the answer. These oversized games are perfect for outdoor parties and summer play. Check out our giant versions of 4 in a Row, Tumbling Tower and even Snakes and Ladders – just right for board game fun out in the sun.