Paw Patrol

Paw Patrol

Get ready for your mission with PAW Patrol toys and playsets! Your favourite pups are now available in super pup mode with Mighty Pups Super PAWs pups and playsets, or as supercharged heroes with brand new PAW Patrol Charged Up toys.

In the hit Nick Jr series, 6 fearless pups and 10-year-old Ryder work together to save the day in Adventure Bay. With their trusty pup packs, high-tech patrollers and new charged up pup powers, the PAW Patrol can take on just about any rescue mission.

When a mysterious meteor lands in Adventure Bay, the PAW Patrol gang discover new Mighty Pups Super PAWS powers, like Chase’s super speed, Rubble’s super strength and Marshall’s mighty heat. Kids can play out super-pup adventures with the meteor-centred PAW Patrol Mighty Pups Super PAWs Lookout Tower Playset and imagine super missions with Mighty Pups Super PAWS toys and playsets.

When the meteor creates a super-cat with all of the pup’s powers, the Mighty Pups must harness their new charged up superpowers to take down the villainous Copycat. Now you can charge up your PAW Patrol adventures with brand new Charged Up Hero Pups and vehicles.

Kids love the world of Adventure Bay – making PAW Patrol toys the perfect gift for little ones. Recreate the adventures of Chase, Skye, Marshall and the gang with feature-packed PAW Patrol playsets, vehicles and more.

There’s a huge range of PAW Patrol playsets to explore, from lookout towers and fire trucks to the iconic PAW Patroller rescue vehicle. Encourage your child’s creativity with PAW Patrol figures for storytelling fun, or spark their interest in reading and puzzles with books and jigsaws starring their favourite PAW Patrol characters. Kids can even race to the rescue on their very own PAW Patrol bike or scooter.

If your child is a fan of the show, why not create a rescue pup themed bedroom or playroom with PAW Patrol bedding, chairs and tents? Then snuggle up to watch the show with your favourite PAW Patrol toys.