Fur Real

FurReal toys is a collection of interactive pets with lifelike sounds and motions. Walk your pet FurReal tiger, play peekaboo with Cubby the Curious Bear and rescue a frozen sabretooth. There are so many lovable best friends just waiting to meet you with FurReal pets.

Each cuddly plush toy comes to life with different ways to play. Walkalots let kids connect and walk a whole pack of FurReal pets, with bouncy walks and springy tails. These cute and cuddly pets have a connectible system that lets kids walk one pet, or walk a lot of them.

Meet a FurReal cat that really pees, a kangaroo with hopping dance moves and a bear that drifts off to bedtime lullabies. These interactive cuddly toys come to life with playful interactions kids will love – just like real pets.