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Playmobil toys bring together real life themes and cheery figures for imaginative play and construction fun.

At Smyths Toys, you can find Playmobil playsets inspired by iconic movies and TV shows, including Playmobil Ghostbusters, Playmobil Back to the Future and Playmobil Scooby-Doo! Imagine hopping in the DeLorean and travelling through time with Marty McFly and Dr Emmet Brown, or set off to solve a spooky mystery with Scooby and the gang in the Mystery Machine. With Playmobil sets, kids can act out movie scenes and imagine new adventures with their favourite characters.

Playmobil is a classic of children’s playrooms. These colourful sets explore play worlds from pirate ships and rockets to stables and zoos. Designed to stimulate imagination and creativity for your child’s development, Playmobil opens the door for children to slip into new roles and experience the world in miniature. Kids can learn about animals, careers and even space through storytelling and imaginative play.

Playmobil figures are designed for adventure and ready for any challenge your child can imagine. Set off on a prehistoric journey with Playmobil Dinos, join an exciting mission in space or step into the everyday world of Playmobil City Life with bus drivers, doctors and police officers. Clever designs and playful characters make Playmobil toys a hit with children and parents alike.