Launch into epic battles with NERF Blasters! Choose your blaster and get ready to fire with Nerf’s aerodynamic foam darts.

NERF brings advanced blaster technology to precision shooting, tag games and target practice. Customise your blaster with NERF Modulus, maximise your range with NERF N-Strike Elite or start a micro battle with collectible NERF MicroShots.

So how do you choose a NERF blaster? If you’re new to the world of NERF, Alpha Strike blasters make a great introduction to NERF’s power and performance. For more optimised dart-blasting action, the NERF N-Strike Elite range features tactical dart blasters with a focus on long ranges, accurate aim and customisation. Look out for epic features like tactical rails, barrel extensions and shoulder stocks.

NERF Rival blasters make a great choice for team games, letting you choose your side: red or blue. Start a head-to-head competition fuelled by NERF Rival’s power and precision. And for fans of the Fortnite gaming world, there’s a whole range of NERF Fortnite blasters to take your Fortnite battles from the screen to the playing field.

There’s a wide range of NERF accessories available to amp up your campaign. Load up on extra ammo with NERF darts, practise your aim with NERF target sets, or kit out your team with NERF vests, NERF goggles and NERF Rival masks.