Gender Pay Gap

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Gender Pay Gap

Equality, Diversity & Inclusion

We remain committed to supporting diversity at all levels within the Smyths Toys Group by providing equality of opportunity and eliminating all forms of any direct or indirect discrimination.

We always offer fair and competitive pay and benefits to all our staff. Our pay structures are transparent and 100% performance related.

All employees at Smyths Toys are afforded 100% equal pay for equal work regardless of their gender.

Gender Pay Gap Report

Median (Middle) Mean (Average)
Gender Hourly Pay Gap 2019 0% 13%
Gender Hourly Pay Gap 2018 0% 15%
Gender Hourly Pay Gap 2017 0% 16%

Our analysis shows there remains no median hourly pay gap in 2019. What does this mean? If we list the pay for all men and the pay for all women in Smyths Toys UK Limited and compare the middle value from each list there is 0% difference.

When you compare the average pay for a male to the average pay for a female (across any and all positions), the male average is 13% higher than the female average. This is driven by proportionately fewer females occupying more senior management roles. This figure is low for our sector and has continued to reduce year on year since we started reporting in 2017. We will continue with our current strategies to reduce this gap further.

Bonus Gap


% of employees receiving a bonus 2019 45% 46%
% of employees receiving a bonus 2018 39% 41%
% of employees receiving a bonus 2017 36% 36%
Median (Middle) Mean (Average)
Bonus Pay Gap 2019 31% 59%
Bonus Pay Gap 2018 52% 66%
Bonus Pay Gap 2017 48% 66%

Our bonus programme is performance driven with bonus targets and payments reflecting the role, value added and responsibility of the relevant employee. This year, there was only a 1% difference between the percentage of the amount of men that received a bonus compared to women, with 46% of all males receiving a bonus and 45% of our female employees receiving a bonus.

We are delighted to see the significant decrease in the bonus pay gap this year, as a result of our efforts to develop female talent within the business. And hope that continuing to do so will maintain a decline in the percentage for our 2020 results.

We will continue to appoint the best person to the role, regardless of gender.

Pay Quartiles

In 2019 our pay quartiles confirm that we have a broadly even distribution of male and female employees in the upper quartile / more senior roles and this is the key driver for our bonus pay gap.

We are working to reduce this gap and have seen a reduction in the Upper Quartile and Upper Middle Quartiles. There are now more females rising through the business in these quartiles in line with our plan to reduce the gap.

Anthony Smyth,
Managing Director

30 March 2020