Toddler Beds

Moving from cot to toddler bed is a big step for your child. Toddler beds provide little ones with a greater sense of independence and room to grow, while added safety features offer parents more peace of mind than a full-sized single bed.

What is a toddler bed?

A toddler bed is a low-framed bed designed with younger children in mind. Typically these measure approx. 140cm x 70cm, compared to a standard single bed of 90cm x 190cm. Toddler beds are usually lower to the ground, making it easier for your little one to climb in and out of bed.

When should I move my toddler from cot to bed?

The right age to move to a toddler bed will depend on your child. For a lot of children, this might be between 2 and 3 ½ years old – but wait until you think your child is ready. If they grow too tall for their cot or start escaping, it’s probably time to make the move.

Safety features

Curved edges and protective rails make a toddler bed the perfect step from cot to big kids’ bed. Protective bed rails help prevent bedtime tumbles, and because toddler beds are set closer to the ground, little ones who do manage to roll out don’t have too far to tumble.