PlayStation 5

Experience the next generation of gaming with PlayStation 5 games, consoles and bundles. The new PlayStation 5 console is designed for immersive visuals and enhanced speed. For great value on the latest in gaming, check out our PlayStation 5 bundles, bringing you the new PlayStation 5 console and exciting gaming extras all in one.

Immersive Visuals

The PlayStation 5 console is powered by a bespoke 8-core AMD chipset, based on 3rd generation Ryzen architecture with Navi GPU. This innovative CPU-GPU combination unlocks ray tracing, an advanced lighting technique for even more immersive gaming visuals. Sound is getting an overhaul too with 3D audio for more immersive soundscapes than ever.

Faster Speeds

8K gaming support opens the way for designers to create more detailed textures and graphics in PlayStation 5 games. And with the new SSD storage drive, greater complexity doesn't have to slow down load times. The bespoke high-speed SSD offers increased graphics rendering speeds, improved loading times and quicker in-game travel.

The PS5 supports backwards compatibility and features a disc drive, making it easy to switch from PS4 to the latest console. And if you’re just starting your gaming collection, a PlayStation 5 bundle makes a great choice, bringing you games and a console in one.