PC Accessories

Get ready to game with our range of PC accessories, from gaming keyboards to the perfect gaming mouse or PC controller.

Gaming Keyboard

Gaming keyboards are designed for rapid key entry, bringing dynamic control to both PC and console gaming. Look out for features such as anti-ghosting and direct access media keys for quick control. Most gaming keyboards are compatible with PC, Xbox and PlayStation, giving you more ways to customise your gaming controls.

Gaming Mouse

A mouse developed for gaming can be more responsive and accurate. If you’re putting in a lot of practice hours, you might want to choose a gaming mouse that’s designed for comfort.


Complete your gaming experience with accessories like webcams, streaming mics and mouse pads optimised for accuracy. If classic desktop controls aren’t for you, you can switch up your PC gaming with a console-style PC controller featuring analogue sticks and a classic D-pad.

For more gaming accessories, check out our range of gaming mugs inspired by iconic characters. Enhance your gaming experience with mouse pads, gaming keyboards and accessories.