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Stretchy, slimy, sticky or gooey, kids love slime. Make your own with easy to use slime sets or get oozing straight from the tub.

Ready-made slime toys bring instant slimy fun in all kinds of colours. Fluffy or puffy, scented or sparkling, there are so many textures and effects to explore.

Mix and customise your own slime for rainy day fun. Making your own slime doesn’t have to mean a long shopping list of ingredients. Our slime kits feature pre-measured ingredients or just add water simplicity, so you can make your own crazy slime for creative STEM fun. Add colours, decorations or sweet scents to customise your slime – then squish it, stretch it and bounce it.

Discover a huge range of slime sets and slime toys with candy-themed scents and colours, colourful storage cases and unique ways to mix, create and play.