Pushchair and Travel System Buying Guide

What to consider before purchasing a Pushchair?

If you regularly use public transport, buying a lightweight stroller that has a compact fold will make hopping on and off much easier.

If you use a car, ensure that the pushchair fits into your boot by checking the folded dimensions of the pushchair and the size of your boot.

If you do a lot of walking, choosing an all-terrain pushchair is great for the outdoors as they usually have great suspension and chunky wheels allowing your little one to have a smooth ride on all surfaces.

If you have a newborn baby, you may want a parent-facing pushchair so you can keep eye contact with your little one. As they get older they may want to face forwards and watch the world go by! You can purchase many pushchairs that offer both forward and parent facing seat positions.

If your baby will be going on a lot of car journeys, having a car seat that can attach to a pushchair will make life a lot easier! You can move your little one from the pushchair to the car without disturbing them from their sleep.

Check that your pushchair comes with a shopping basket to hold and secure your personal items.

You want to buy a pushchair that is easy to fold, especially if you are always on the go! Many pushchairs come with a one-hand fold, meaning you can be holding baby in one hand and folding the pushchair with the other.

Check to see what accessories are included with your pushchair. You may want a pushchair that comes with a raincover to keep your little one dry and a footmuff to keep them warm during those colder months.

Being able to adjust the handle height of your pushchair will make it a lot more comfortable to push. This is also a really handy feature if more than one person will be using the pushchair and you are different heights.

If you’re looking for a pushchair that will last your baby a long time and even until baby number two comes along; buying a pushchair with a fully flat recline and both parent and forward facing seat positions would be best. You should also go for a sturdy pushchair over a lightweight stroller for durability and for a smoother ride if using from birth.

Different Types of Pushchairs


Strollers are lightweight and easy to use with their handy compact fold. They are great for fitting in boots of all sizes and are perfect for travelling on public transport and taking on holidays! Many strollers feature a fully flat recline so are suitable from birth.


Pushchairs are usually compatible with infant carriers and have a fully flat recline, making them perfect for newborns. Many pushchairs also have a rearward and forward facing detachable seat unit allowing parents to face their baby or let them enjoy the view. In comparison to strollers, pushchairs are very robust and durable making them a good long-term investment.

Twins & Tandems

If you have twins or children close in age, double strollers and tandems can make life much easier! They allow your little ones to be side by side or one in front of the other. Many twins and tandems have fully-flat reclining seats so they are suitable from newborn.

Travel Systems

Travel Systems mean that you have everything you need for your baby in one package! They include an infant carrier, which are great for transporting your little one from pushchair to car or vice versa without waking them. Many travel systems also have the option to add a carrycot, allowing your baby to travel on a comfy lie-flat mattress, perfect for newborn babies.

Pushchair Accessories

Adding pushchair accessories can make journeys with baby that bit easier. Footmuffs, raincovers and sunshades keep little ones cosy and sheltered, while changing bags and take-along toys are must-have accessories for families on the go. You can even attach a buggy board to create the perfect ride for two.