Choosing a pushchair or travel system

Choosing the right pushchair or travel system all depends on your lifestyle and your baby’s needs. The first step is to think about what you need from your new pushchair, stroller or travel system.

Shopping for a newborn?

Newborns need to lie back until they can support their own head. You’ll need a set of wheels with a lie-flat option for those first few weeks. Keep an eye out for models that easily convert from lie-flat pram to pushchair as these will adapt to your baby’s needs as they grow.

Baby on board

If you use a car, you’ll want a pushchair that folds neatly into your boot, so be sure to check the folded dimensions. A travel system can be a great choice for families on the go, as these usually include a car seat you can pop on and off the frame.

For buses, trains and airplanes

Hopping on and off public transport instead? A lightweight stroller with a compact fold will make getting around much easier. A model featuring one-hand fold will let you hold baby in one hand and easily fold the pushchair with the other.

Walking with baby

If you do a lot of walking, choose an all-terrain pushchair with lockable swivel wheels. These are great with uneven surfaces and tight corners. Some even feature adjustable suspension settings to keep baby comfortable on city streets and country lanes alike. Larger wheels offer better suspension, while PU tyres are shock-absorbing and puncture-proof.

Who’s steering

If more than one person will be using the pushchair, an adjustable handle height can make it a lot more comfortable to push—especially if you’re very different heights!

Compact space, compact fold

If storage space is at a premium in your home (or boot), you’ll want to prioritise foldability when choosing a pushchair or travel system.

How can I tell a pushchair from a pram? Or a stroller? Or…

There’s a bit of overlap between some of these categories, so it’s easy to get confused. Many prams can transform into pushchairs, and pushchairs into prams…often as part of a travel system! So let’s take a closer look…


Cosy, parent-facing and fully reclined, a pram allows newborns and younger babies to travel in the recommended lie-flat position. A pram will keep your little one’s head supported and allows for the direct supervision younger babies need.

Most modern prams can adapt from pram to pushchair mode. Travel systems like the Babylo Panorama feature seat units that can be adjusted from pram to pushchair mode, while the Joie Chrome or CBX Leotie Lux allows you to swap the lie-flat carry cot for a seat unit to switch from pram to pushchair as baby grows.

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Pushchairs are usually compatible with an infant car seat or carry cot. Many pushchair seats have a fully flat recline for newborns and a reversible seat unit that can switch from rearward to forward facing mode.

In comparison to strollers, pushchairs are very robust and durable, making them a good long-term investment. If a quick folding travel companion is important to your lifestyle, keep an eye out for pushchairs that fold with the seat unit attached and pushchairs with one-hand fold.

We stock pushchairs from top brands such as Joie and Babylo, many of which can be paired with infant car seats and carry cots to create versatile travel systems.

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Strollers are lightweight and easy to use, with a handy fold for families on the go. Whether you’re packing baby’s bits into the boot, hopping on public transport or jetting off on holidays, a stroller is light and portable enough to keep up the pace. A stroller isn’t always the best choice for a newborn, as not all models feature a lie-flat recline suitable from birth.

Umbrella-fold strollers feature a simple one-switch fold that works just like an umbrella. This quick fold makes them perfect for public transport—but the folded stroller keeps its length, so it’s worth measuring your boot if you’ll be doing a lot of travelling by car. Check out umbrella strollers from Ickle Bubba and Silver Cross.

Strollers with a compact fold, like Joie Pact and Babylo Explorer, collapse down instead of across—a little like a folding chair. They will always be the width of their handles, but fold down neatly to fit into boots and smaller storage areas.

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Travel Systems

Travel Systems bundle everything you need for baby into one package. Travel Systems are typically made up of a pushchair, a carry cot and an infant car seat that can be easily attached to the pushchair frame.

If your baby will be going on a lot of car journeys, having a car seat that can attach to a pushchair will make life a lot easier! You can move your little one from the pushchair to the car without disturbing them from their sleep. Many travel systems also have the option to add a carry cot, allowing your baby to travel in a cosy pram mode that’s perfect for newborns.

Please note: Babies should not spend over 2 hours in the car seat so it’s best to mostly use the carry cot or pushchair seat.

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Twins and Tandems

If you have twins or children close in age, twin pushchairs and tandems can make life much easier.

A tandem is designed with one seat in front of the other—which can often mean less messing from adventurous toddlers! Some models have the option to add infant car seats or carrycots for more travel options.

Twins are usually suitable from birth to 15kg, with side by side seats so children can keep each other company. These don’t usually have the option of adding a car seat or carrycot.

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What about pushchair accessories?

Adding pushchair accessories can make journeys with baby that bit easier. Many pushchairs come with a raincover to keep your little one dry and a footmuff to keep them warm during those colder months. If you choose a model that doesn’t include these extras, you can always purchase them separately, along with clever accessories like sunshades and take-along toys.

Most pushchairs come with a shopping basket to hold and secure your personal items. If you have a lot of bits and pieces to take on the go, be sure to choose a model with a larger basket. For more storage options, add a changing bag for all those nappies, wipes and bottles.

If you’re travelling with baby and toddler, you might be able to attach a buggy board to your pushchair and create the perfect ride for two.

Please note: Don’t forget to empty your basket before folding.

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How long will my pushchair last?

It all depends on what you’re looking for.

If you want your pushchair to last all the way from birth to baby number 2, look for a model with a lie-flat recline and a reversible seat unit. These are suitable for newborns and can be adapted from parent-facing to forward-facing mode as your child grows. Choose a sturdy pushchair over a lightweight stroller for durability and a smoother ride if using from birth.

When shopping for strollers check for manufacturer warrantees and keep an eye on weight limits. Some strollers are suitable up to 15kg, while others can carry kids up to 25kg.