Pokemon Trading Cards Game


Build your Pokémon TCG deck with booster packs, Pokémon tins, Pokémon GX and more.


In the Pokémon Trading Card Game, players use strategy to a build a deck around Pokémon character cards. Once each player has a 60-card deck, you’re ready to battle! In the 2-player Pokémon game, players take turns playing attack moves to try and defeat their opponent.

The Pokémon Trading Card Game is easy for players of all ages to pick up – but it’s not the only way to play. Many kids make up new games using the cards, bringing their own creativity to Pokémon games.  And lots of Pokémon fans just love collecting the cards. Collect and trade to find your favourite characters from the show, or build a beautiful collection of art styles.   

Pokémon tins and booster packs help you build your Pokémon card collection—and the sturdy Pokémon tins are just right for storing your trading cards. Theme Decks are 60-card packs that come ready to play, while Elite Trainer Boxes are just right for serious collectors and TCG champions.       

Discover the new Pokémon of Galar in the Pokémon TCG: Sword & Shield expansion. Keep an eye out for special Pokémon GX cards too – these trading cards enhance your deck with powerful moves that can be used only once a match.          

Whether you’re collecting favourite Pokémon characters or building a tournament-winning TCG deck, we’ve got a wide range of Pokémon cards to choose from. Discover an amazing cast of Pokémon characters, bringing games and collections to life.

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