Mini-Uno cot mattresses come in a whole range of styles and sizes. When choosing a baby mattress, make sure to research your options, as each has their own features and benefits.

Remember to measure your cot or cot bed before buying your mattress. Our 120 x 60 cot mattresses are designed to fit standard cot sizes, but it’s important to check you have the safest possible fit. We also have a range of 140 x 70 cot mattresses, ideal for use as cot bed mattresses.

If asthma or allergic conditions such as eczema run in your family, an anti-allergy, hypoallergenic or mite resistant cot mattress might be best for your baby. If you’re choosing a toddler mattress, look out for more supportive features such as individual pocket springs.

Whether you’re preparing for baby or decorating a toddler bedroom, our wide range of baby gear has almost everything you need, from baby monitors to toddler beds, cot beds and co sleepers.