Jumpers & Walkers

Baby entertainers and walkers bring a whole lot of fun to playtime. These activity-packed toys are designed to encourage movement as your little one works on those gross motor skills. Whether they’re learning to toddle or bouncing in a jumperoo, these entertainers make moving fun. For help choosing between baby walkers, entertainers and other playtime options, check out our Playtime Tips!

When choosing a baby entertainer or baby activity walker, look out for features that can spark your little one’s curiosity. Playful music, flashing lights, mirrors and bright colours stimulate baby’s senses, while entertainers with animal toys or baby walkers with steering wheels can help encourage imaginative play. Bat-at toys, teethers and bead chasers are great for your child’s developing hand-eye coordination and other fine motor skills. Some baby entertainers, like the Fisher-Price jumperoo, feature seats that spin 360˚ so baby has even more to explore.

Suitable from when baby can sit up unaided, stationary entertainers and bouncy jumperoos keep baby in one spot—making them perfect for moments when you have your hands full and need a few extra minutes for you. Your little one will be surrounded by fun activities to keep them entertained, and you can keep an eye on them knowing they can’t crawl off.

Baby walkers are much more mobile. Though they have similar frames to jumpers, baby activity walkers feature wheels so tots can kick at the floor to scoot along. It’s a great way for kids who can’t yet walk unaided to whizz around and explore. But because they’re on the move, it’s even more important to keep a careful watch as they play. A lot of baby walkers feature stoppers that let you fix the frame in place when needed.

At our Baby Room, our range of entertainers, jumperoos and baby walkers includes early learning focused brands like Fisher-Price, Baby Einstein and Babylo. If you’d like a baby entertainer that grows with your little one, choose one with an adjustable height that adapts to fit your child. Some entertainers can even be adapted to sit and play modes, or feature clip-on toys baby can take on the go. You should also check out our baby high chairs and Strollers in case you need them too.

Playtime can get messy, so check whether your baby entertainer has easy to clean fabrics. If space is at a premium, an entertainer or baby walker with a foldable frame can make a huge difference.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
What age are jumpers for?

Jumpers are suitable from when baby can sit up unaided.

How to entertain a 6months old baby?

Good way of entertaining a baby is to get him a jumper or an activity table. They come with various toys, music, lights and sounds encouraging movement.

What is a jumperoo?

A Jumperoo is a free-standing jumper with a 360 degrees seat that spins to give your baby an access to all toys.