Developmental Toys

Early learning toys are designed to spark developmental play. Baby learns so much in those early months and years, from revving up their fine motor skills to sparking sensory development. Our collection of developmental toys features shape sorters, classic wooden blocks and electronic activity centres from brands like VTech, Fisher-Price and B. Toys.

From Birth

Sensory toys involving textures, sounds and bright, contrasting colours are all great developmental toys for babies. Colourful play mats are perfect for tummy time, while playgyms encourage baby to reach and grasp. Rattles are great early learning toys for baby’s grip and hearing.

6 Months

From 6 months, baby can sit up and manipulate objects with their hands. Early learning toys like baby blocks, stacking toys and activity cubes help little ones build their fine motor skills. Toys that that roll encourage baby to crawl and chase, enhancing those gross motor skills.

For Toddlers

At around 1 year old, baby is learning to walk and explore. Stackable cubes, puzzles and developmental toys that introduce cause and effect are great for sparking baby’s curiosity. As toddlers learn and play, role play toys help little ones understand the world around them.