Kurio Smart Watches

Kurio smart watches are designed for kids aged 6 and over. As well as an activity tracker, Kurio kids’ watches have messaging and app features, a media player and a camera. Your child’s Kurio smart watch can be connected to a smartphone via Bluetooth for use as a hands free tech kit.

Send texts, emojis, voice recordings and selfies between Kurio watches via Bluetooth. Family members can also download the Kurio Watch Messenger app to share the fun. The Kurio smart watch comes preloaded with 20 apps and games, from Snakes and Naughts and Crosses to motion sensor games that get kids moving.

Kids can capture photos and videos, add filters to their pictures and listen to music. Translate phrases, set alarms, and use features like a calendar and calculator.

Kurio kids’ watches come with 2 interchangeable silicon watch straps – one with colour-changing thermal effects. The splash proof and scratch resistant screen is ideal for kids. Choose a watch face and wallpaper to customise your smart watch.