Xbox One Controllers

Enhance your gaming experience with Xbox One Controllers.

Our range of Xbox wireless controllers features Bluetooth technology for greater gaming freedom. Choose classic Xbox One controllers in black or white for a sleek monochrome look, show off your style with bright colours or get ready for special ops with camouflage designs. For the latest in epic controller design, check out the new special edition controllers from Xbox, with a translucent finish to show off the technology powering your controller.

For even greater control, check out the new Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2. Reengineered with adjustable tension thumbsticks to fine-tune your aim, the Elite Series 2 is built for competitive gamers. Shorter hair trigger locks make this the perfect controller for rapid-fire attack. With the wrap-around rubberised grip, up to 40 hours of rechargeable battery life and more customisation options, the Elite Series 2 is a gaming controller you can make your own.

We also have a range of wired gaming controllers from brands compatible with Xbox, such as PDP, Afterglow and PowerA. Whether you’re adding an extra controller for multiplayer games or just changing up your style, you can find the perfect Xbox One Controller in our range.