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Getting away from life for a couple of weeks can be great, a chance to relax, forget about mundane reality and spend some quality time together as a family.
However, more often than not before you get onto the beach or cozied up in a winter chalet, you first have to endure a bit of travelling whether it’s in the car, on a plane or on a train (not to mention boats or ferries which add a whole extra dimension!).
While travelling itself can be exhausting, boring and often uncomfortable, travelling with kids is a whole other kettle of fish. While it may seem impossible to survive, or even actually enjoy,

Just take a look at our top tips and products for a stress-free travelling with kids experience and your travelling time will fly by.



 When travelling with kids for long distances in the car, the car seat that you choose for your child is going to make the world of difference to your travelling experience.

Your child being safe and comfortable is one of the most important things to consider when travelling.
Make sure that the car seat you have for them is the right size and is comfortable for them to sit in.
The happier your child is, the smoother the journey will be for everyone!
The Joie Trillo car seat is designed for a weight between 15-36 kg and gives your little one a comfortable ride, wherever you need to go.
The sleek, deluxe seat offers true safety and comfort and the headrest is perfect for when your child falls asleep in the car, with comfy head protection. The car seat also fastens securely with a 3 point seat belt to give you ultimate peace of mind.



If your children are even smaller, then the Graco Coast Chilli is perfect for 9 months – 4 years.
The car seat features a comfortable, wide seat with extra padding so that your child can keep comfy in the car even if you’re driving from Scotland to Cornwall.
The car seat also has a multi-recline function for those all important car naps
(a welcome break from “are we there yet?”) as well as a 5-point harness to make sure your child is safe and secure at all times.



If your little one wants to be the coolest kid in the whole car, then this is probably the seat for them.
Perfect for any mini superhero fans, it’s suitable for 4 to 10 years and is completely machine washable, which is good, when you consider the inevitability of it having crisps mushed into it on a long car journey.
It’s always a really good idea to keep plenty of snacks and sandwiches on hand in the car to keep your child occupied and keep hunger at bay.
This will cut down on complaints of “I’m hungry!” from the back seat. It’s a good idea to remember to pack things that kids can eat and open themselves so that you don’t have to pull over onto the hard shoulder to open a Frube for a screaming toddler.
The Spider Man booster seat is perfect for young children on shorter trips, but if your child still falls asleep often in the car, it might be better to wait until they are older to take advantage of this seat, as you will want them to be as comfortable as possible if they fall asleep on the journey.

If your kids do like to fall asleep in the car often, it may be worth investing in a travel pillow  for long journeys to make sure they don’t wake up with a stiff neck.
As a general rule for travelling with small children, the longer they can sleep, the better it will be for them as well as you.
Making sure they are comfy at all times is one way to ensure that they get a good sleep in the car.



If superheroes aren’t really your kids thing, they may prefer to relax in style with this super cool Frozen booster seat.
The seat features Anna and Elsa, ready to accompany your child on any travelling adventures.
With a wide, padded seat and arm rest specially designed for little arms, this should keep your child comfy in the car for hours.
The Frozen fun doesn’t stop there though. On sunny days it’s really important to have sunshades on the windows for the little ones in the back.
Not only will this keep the sun out of their eyes and keep the car nice and dark if they are trying to sleep, but it will also help to keep the back seat cool, reducing the likelihood of car sickness if your child doesn’t feel too hot.
If you’re grabbing a Frozen booster seat, these fun Frozen sunshades are the perfect match and will give your child something else to look at if they’re bored of staring out of the window at the motorway.
They also fold away for easy storage in the winter months.
Chances are if you’re on a long flight or car journey, your kids are going to get bored after a few games of I-spy.
To make sure they stay occupied and happy and don’t distract you from driving, we have lots of games and toys that are easy to play in the back of the car.
For younger children or kids who need a flat surface to set up their game on, it’s a great idea to make a makeshift table out of a kitchen tray and some wood, that will slide easily either side of their legs so they have plenty of space to play.
No-one wants to hear
“Mummy, I’ve dropped my toy!” 10 minutes onto the motorway.
If getting involved with car games with your kids always help the travelling with kids go quicker, places like Pinterest always have loads of car game ideas and printables for everything from seeing how many animals you can spot to license plate based games for older children.
I’ve always found that if all else fails, a couple of movies loaded up onto a tablet and a pair of child friendly headphones work wonders on long car journeys.
Games on iPads can sometimes cause arguments among children, but movies seem to be a safe bet.
You can even make a makeshift iPad holder by following an easy YouTube tutorials
If you have any great tips for making travelling with kids easy, we would love to hear them!