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toTs: The most Glamorous changing bags ever!

by Jo Middleton


We all know the stresses of having a newborn baby.
All those things you need to do for them while you are still trying to recover, the sleepless nights, and the endless amount of things you have to remember to take out with you every time you manage to leave the house.
Wipes? Check. Nappies? Check? Muslins? Check.
Oh hang on, the baby has had an accident–back inside to start all over again…
Being a new mum can be really difficult, especially when you suddenly lose independence and that all important ‘me time.’
Gone are the days of being able to pop to the salon for a blow dry or a manicure. In fact, it can be difficult to get a five-minute shower and slap on some mascara, let alone look photoshoot ready always with a brand new baby in tow.
Don’t even think about trying to leave the house with just your lipstick and phone in a smart yet casual clutch bag.
Oh no, those days are gone.
While you may not be able to look your glossiest all the time, and frumpy nursing bras might not make you feel sexy, you can definitely still inject a bit of style and glamour into everyday life, while making use of a practical item too.

Having a really lovely changing bag can draw attention away from the little bit of sick on your jumper and let everyone know that even though you’re dealing with the pressures of being a new mum, you still have a flair for fashion that you love to express every day.
It’s like making a statement to the world, yes, I know my tummy is a little on the wobbly side, and I have a piece of toast caught in my hair, but underneath it I’m still me! I’m still cool!
ToTs is a really lovely new baby and parent accessory and essentials range that puts the style back into swaddling, and fashion back into fitting as many nappies as you can into one bag.
We absolutely love their range of changing bags–they’re perfect for new mums who want to treat themselves, as well as something practical and useful that will last, not only with one baby but for for the next one too.
(Although we totally understand if you want baby number two to be an excuse to treat yourself all over again.)
If you’re about to become a new parent and aren’t sure what ‘must haves’ to buy for the birth of your baby, changing bags are definitely one of them.
Seriously, we cannot stress this enough – leaving the house is going to become a challenge at the best of times, and having a great bag, which you can fit everything into comfortably, is going to be a Godsend.
Changing bags are also useful to keep things in while in the house, so that every day baby items are easy to find without you having to search the house top to bottom before you take so much as a walk to the park!
A great idea is to keep the bag stocked with a clean change of clothes, nappies and wipes in case you don’t have time to pack a bag in the morning–that way you’re always ready to go, and if you have one of those moments where you just need to get out of the house, you can just scoop up your bag, (and ideally your baby too), and leave.
Another useful tip is to hide a nappy or two in one of the compartments of your bag so that if you get caught short, you can always remember that you have an emergency spare.
See what can you do with Tots bags!
When your little one gets older, you can also use the changing bag as an overnight bag for staying with grandparents or aunties and uncles and fill it with clothes, books and toys for them to take with them.
ToTs by smarTrike is a beautiful luxury baby brand.

They believe that a trendy, fashion conscious mother should never have to sacrifice her love of style just because she has a baby to look after. They are all about providing mothers with a fashionable alternative to every day baby products as well as making their products long lasting and timeless for use over and over again.


Their bags are exclusive to Smyth’s Toys in the UK, so if you want one of these awesome bags, you’ve come to the right place!
The bags come in a range of soft, subtle colours, meaning you don’t have to waste time worrying about your bag clashing with your outfit while you’re trying to get your baby dressed too – they’ll literally go with anything! When you’re not looking after baby, these bags are so stylish that they could actually double as a laptop bag for work or for an overnight stay somewhere.
The bags are super roomy but this doesn’t mean that they’re bulky. They are made of a special lightweight melange fabric which makes them really easy to carry.

Another great feature of the ToTs bags is that they all come with a special water resistant coating which means that even though the bags are made of a lightweight fabric, you won’t end up with big soggy nappies if you get caught in the rain. (Which to be honest, in the UK is pretty much a given.)
Even though this bag has a waterproof coating, it is pretty durable and you can machine wash it at 40 degrees, which is a lifesaver when you have a snotty baby or you can’t find a nappy bin.

 The inside is even better than the outside, with room for everything, Mary Poppins style, and the multiple compartments and pockets make it easy to find essentials–no more burrowing around for hours in the bottom of your bag for you!
If you’re a parent then you’ll know of the stress that is holding a screaming baby in one hand, shopping bags in the other and trying to find your house keys in the bottom of a changing bag.
With the ToTs bag, there is a special compartment for keys, wallet and anything else you might need to quickly grab while out and about.
As well as the changing bags for parents, this brilliant range also includes loads of baby essentials such as muslin cloths, bedding sets and beautiful hooded towels, meaning you can stock up on things for baby as well as for you.
While these bags make a great treat purchase for any new parent who wants to get their style mojo back after having a baby, these are also great gift ideas for your stylish sister, daughter or friend who has just become a new mum.
The range offers loads of great baby gifts, so you’ll be able to find something for baby as well as a lovely treat for mum.
If you’re looking for a new changing bag, try one from the ToTs range–they might not only help change your baby but also change your day to day life.