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The Secret Life of Pets – The Toy Line-up

by Peter Jenkinson

The team behind smash hit animations Minions and Despicable me are back again with a much anticipated movie that has plenty of hype to live up to–The Secret Life of Pets.
It is the fifth animated feature-film collaboration between Illumination Entertainment and Universal Pictures and tells the tale of the lives our pets lead when we’ve gone off to work or school for the day.
Set in a busy Manhattan block of apartments packed with all manner of pets in all guises of stripe, fur and feather the story tells us of their 9 to 5 routine after their two-legged friends have left the building.
Do they just hang out and play? Tell each other embarrassing stories about their owners? Show off their adorable looks to increase their acquisition of snacks? Well, all of that and much more, and the head of the pack is the buildings top dog Max.
This rescue terrier owned by Katie has his life turned upside down when she brings home Duke, a massive, slobbering mongrel that’s a real mess.
The duo however find themselves out on the mean streets of Manhattan and have to unite to fight the cunning bunny called Snowball who is building a pet army to turn the tables on humanity–before humanity gets home from work.
The animated cast is pretty big and the film itself, from the trailers we’ve seen has all the attributes of a box-office hit.
It’d be straight forward enough just to offer a vast array of plush and they’d likely do pretty well on the back of the film but, as we know, creativity is abundant in the world of play and the creative of toyland have been hard at work to bring us an array of toys.
From role-play to talking toys, plushes to puzzles, take a look at our pet show:
The Secret Life of Pets poseable action figures 

Relive the on-screen action with this fine collection of pets from the film. Each colourful character has detailed features with moveable parts so you can set them to any pose required. Create your own pet based chaos with your own scenes or re-enact all the adventure you see in the movie.

In this range there are three characters available: Max, Duke and Snowball. Each one can be the perfect companion for your on-the-road adventure.
They’re each a decent size measuring in at 35cm by 37cm and so have plenty of room for you to rest your head after a fun play session. These oversize characters are as cute as can be and also make very decent on-bed decoration.
The Secret Life of Pets Talking Plush Buddies

Quite literally bringing the action from the big screen to life are these terrific talking plush toys. Just give yours a squeeze or a tilt and hear them repeat phrases and make other entertaining noises.
These plush toys are perfect for interactive play yet cute and cuddly enough for when it is time to snooze. In this range you can acquire Max, Gidget and Snowball to bring the adventure into your home.
The Secret Life of Pets Minifigures

Possibly one of the pocket money toy hits of 2016 right here in the form of an array of characters from the film. You can recreate just about every scene you’ve seen with this collection and, when not in play, make for the ideal desktop or bedside decoration.
Get creative with your playtime and craft some cool backdrops. The range includes gold and silver versions as well!
The Secret Life of Pets 72 piece puzzle

Not your ordinary puzzle, well you would expect more with anything that ties in with this movie wouldn’t you? This 72 piece set from Ravensburger represents some great engineering on the jigsaw scene.
The pieces fit together, numerically labelled for some assistance in your building endeavours.
When completed the puzzle forms a strong and sturdy sphere depicting the characters Mel, Gidget, Duke, Tiberius, Snowball, Chloe, Buddy and some sausages.
Complete with a plastic stand to display your 13cm diameter completed work.
The Secret Life of Pets walking talking pet figures

Create even more off-screen mischief with these colourful, charismatic and comical walking talking figures. Take home Max, Mel, Gidget or Snowball and set them in action.
These true likeness toys bounce and talk, all they await is your command to do so.
The Secret Life of Pets plush buddies

For super cute plush toys look no further, this range from the film are dedicated in their pursuit to look just as lovely as can be and be the perfect cuddle time pet.
They’re of course happy to get involved and play a leading role in any on-screen action you want to re-create at home, in this range you’ll find Max, Mel, Gidget, Buddy and Snowball all eager to take their place in your show.
Have you seen the trailer? Who is your favourite character? Which Secret Life of Toys Pet will you be taking home first?