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Smyths Toys at E3 2016!

by Daniel Boylan





There are some things you just can’t predict. Back in the 90’s nobody could have foreseen Sony and Microsoft becoming dominant forces in console gaming, while then-giant Sega would stop making consoles altogether.

Likewise, when I joined Smyths Toys back in 2006, I never dreamed I would one day be given the opportunity to fly to Los Angeles, California to report on the most well known show in the whole industry: the Electronic Entertainment Expo, or E3. Since 1995, the gaming industry has always looked to E3 for the biggest announcements of the year.

Whether or not there is new hardware on the horizon you can always rest assured that everybody who’s anybody will be there to try steal the show with their products.

Over the years I’ve always looked forward to the excitement this brings with it, with all my gamer friends and I sharing our predictions and shot in the dark hopes for what our favourite developers have in store for us over the next year.

Last year we were treated to the news that the long dormant series Shenmue was finally being revived, something I had personally been hoping for since I finished Shenmue II back in 2001. In the same hour, Final Fantasy fans the world over were overjoyed with the news that series favourite Final Fantasy VII was finally getting a remake for modern systems.

As always this year brings with it the usual amount of rumour and speculation. Will Sony announce a new model PS4? Will Microsoft announce a new model Xbox One? Only time will tell, so keep checking in here all week for all the latest updates from the show floor!




EA Conference Summary

The pre-E3 press conferences were kicked off by EA, Who started their show with the highly anticipated Titanfall 2. A huge gain for PS4 players after the first game skipped the system, the new game will include a single player campaign which will focus on one soldier and his Titan.

The multiplayer is as fast paced as ever, with players wall running and double jumping their way around in the arena in the hopes of scoring a Titan to cause even more chaos.

Next up they spoke about Madden NFL 17 and showed off a new trailer. The new game will have a larger emphasis on eSports, with players able to play in various competitive events to prove their skills. Mass Effect Andromeda was mentioned briefly, with more information promised later in the year.

The game will be about exploring entirely new star systems in which the player is the alien. What would an EA conference be without some FIFA? The latest in the series, FIFA 17, will offer a single player campaign known as “The Journey”. This will focus on the career of a fictional up and comer by the name of Alex Hunter.

The player must make decisions on Alex’s life and see how he fares based on those decisions. There are other ares of improvement too, an “active intelligence system”, more physical play options, new attacking techniques and a set piece rewrite.

EA also opened up on its new indie publishing label, EA Originals. Every year they will partner with select small game makers and fund them to help bring more small games to the gaming landscape.

The first game announced under this new initiative is call Fe, which is a graphically beautiful adventure game from Swedish developer Zoink Games.

There were more details on EA’s upcoming Star Wars plans. Star Wars Battlefront 2 will be releasing in 2017, developed by DICE and Motive. It will contain content from the newer movies so players can get their Kylo Ren fix! There will also be a story based Star Wars game coming 2018 and features new characters.


Last but not least, Titanfall developer Respawn are developing a third person Star Wars title focusing on a different era in Star Wars lore. This game doesn’t yet have an expected release window. The conference finished off with a showing of Battlefield 1, which demonstrated more dynamic battles.

The dynamic destruction is back along with changeable weather which affects the way maps play.

There will be behemoth vehicles to control including airships, armoured trains and battleships.

The game will release on 21st October.

Bethesda Conference Summary

Next on the list is Bethesda’s offering. This was only the second time Bethesda have done their own E3 press conference, but they looked like old pros with the quality they had on display.

They started the show with the announcement of Quake Champions, an arena style shooter with a focus on competitive play, particularly eSports. More information is promised for QuakeCon in August.

Quake Champions was followed by The Elder Scrolls: Legends, with the opening trailer showing a story told from the point of view of Kellen, a moth priest.

The game is coming to PC, iPad, Mac and Android tablets by the end of the year. Even though it came out last year, Fallout 4 is still being shown the love with 3 new pieces of DLC shown off. The first of the new set of DLC packs, “Contraptions”, will be made available next week.

The final 2 pieces will be known as “Vault Tech Workshop” and “Nuka World”. There is also an update coming to Fallout Shelter as well as a PC release. The internet rejoiced when The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – Special Edition was finally revealed to be coming out.

It is completely remastered for PS4, Xbox One and PC, with console players getting mod support this time around. As a bonus to Steam players, owners of the original game including all of the DLC will receive the updated game for free.

A reimagining of Prey was introduced and will be coming to PS4, Xbox One and PC. Players play as a human involved in an experiment on the Talos I space station in 2032 after aliens have taken over.

The first piece of DLC for Doom called Unto the Evil was shown, which offers 3 new multiplayer maps: Offering, Cataclysm and Ritual. For anyone who hasn’t picked up the game yet, a demo is available for the next week.

Next up the The Elder Scrolls Online is getting an expansion with The Dark Brotherhood DLC which is available this Tuesday. Bethesda will also be expanding the game internationally to Japan on June 23rd. There is also something launching this Autumn called One Tamriel, which makes characters level up or down automatically to match up with content in the world, this allows them to group with whoever they like regardless of experience.

Not to be left out of the virtual reality space, Bethesda announced 2 VR projects that are in the works: Fallout 4 and Doom. Fallout 4 VR with release in 2017 with Doom to be confirmed. The conference ended on a high with an extended look at Dishonored 2 which was revealed last year. The new game takes place mostly in the new land of Karnaca, with portions in Dunwall also present.

The daughter of Dishonored’s main character Corvo Attano, Emily Kaldwin, will be playable in the game alongside her father. There were some new abilities shown off like Domino and the ability to travel back and forward through time to solve puzzles and surprise your foes.

The game launches 11th November and a collector’s edition will also be available.


Microsoft Conference Summary

Day 2 of the pre-E3 press conferences was kicked off by Microsoft, who definitely weren’t out to disappoint fans. The show began with the official confirmation of the Xbox One S, a slim version of the existing Xbox One hardware with other improvements.

The new model is 40% smaller than the original, boasts 4K output for video content and an internal power supply, so no more bulky power brick. Next up was the announcement of the new Xbox Play Anywhere initiative, which allows select digital purchases on Xbox One to be played on Windows 10 PCs and vice versa.

Players progress and achievements sync across the two platforms, with Gears of War 4 being the first game announced for this initiative. General Raam, the final boss from the original Gears of War, was then announced as a guest character in Xbox One and PC fighter Killer Instinct.

Gears of War 4 isn’t the only game getting the Play Anywhere treatment though, with the announcement of Forza Horizon 3. The new game in the racing series is set in Australia and includes 4 player campaign co-op for the first time in the series, it also offers the largest open world the series has offered to date as well as the largest quantity of cars to choose from.

The game launches this September.

Another release date people have been waiting to hear about was finally given for ReCore, which was also confirmed as an Xbox Play Anywhere title. A video of Final Fantasy XV was also shown off which is coming to Xbox One on 30th September.

In news that will delight Xbox One owners, the first expansion for The Division – Underground will be launching first on Xbox One 28th June. This is the first of three paid DLC packs with the next one, Survival, expected later in the Summer.

Speaking of getting content early, EA Access members will be able to download Battlefield One from October 13th, a week earlier than anybody else. Microsoft went on to introduce 6 new features that will improve their Xbox Live service.

Players will now be able to listen to their own choice of background music, use the Cortana voice recognition system from Windows 10 and have language region independence. Clubs are another feature to be added, which allows players interested in similar games to interact more easily. “Looking for Group” will allow the player to make more specific searches for other players, whether they want to go a few rounds in Call of Duty or build a nice house in Minecraft.

The final feature, Arena, is designed with competitive gaming in mind, making it easier than ever to game competitively on Xbox One.   Minecraft may have been released a few years ago but that hasn’t stopped the updates coming. Mojang announced Minecraft Realms, which will allow players on Xbox One, Windows 10, iOS and Android platforms to enjoy Minecraft together.

Minecraft: Pocket Edition is also getting some add ons this year, such as adjustable AI for villagers and city texture packs. Eagerly anticipated title Inside from PlayDead, the developer of Limbo, has finally been given a release date of  June 29th on Xbox One. To celebrate, previous game Limbo will be free on Xbox One until June 20th.

Another interesting game shown off was We Happy Few, a weird and wonderful game set in an alternate version of the 1960’s. It is developed by Compulsion Games, creators of Contrast, and launches on the Xbox Preview program July 26th. Fans of The Witcher 3 will be happy to know that the in-game card game Gwent, is getting a stand alone release and will include improvements to the formula.

There will be a closed beta starting this September. Tekken 7 is coming to Xbox One, with a fast paced trailer showing Akuma facing off against Heihachi. The game launches in 2017 and Xbox Live members will receive Tekken Tag Tournament 2 free this week to celebrate.

The latest in the zombie slaying Dead Rising series has also been announced. A suitably over the top trailer for Dead Rising 4 had a Christmas theme and confirmed the game would launch this winter.

Fantastic title Scalebound was confirmed to be coming to PC as well as Xbox One, with the game boasting the largest boss battles that Platinum Games has ever produced, which is definitely saying something. Legendary Studio Rare’s latest title Sea of Thieves had it’s first gameplay footage shown off and it looks to be great co-op fun.

Another new zombie game, State of Decay 2 will be coming out in 2017. The final game talked about at the conference was the long awaited Halo Wars 2, with the beta available now until June 20th.

Sticking with the popular theme of the conference, the game supports Xbox Play Anywhere and it will be available February 2017. Microsoft saved the best for last and with the rumour mill buzzing the past few months all speculation has been put to rest. They dropped the bombshell that a super powerful version of the Xbox One code named Project Scorpio was in development and will launch by the end of next year.

It will be built with VR and 4K gaming in mind with Fallout 4 VR specifically mentioned. The new machine’s graphics processing unit (GPU) will run at 6 teraflops compared to the original system’s 1.31. A teraflop is one trillion floating-point operations per second, and considering the Xbox One in its current form is already a powerful machine, I can only imagine the level of performance we’ll be seeing next year.

In fact, Microsoft have stated it will be the most powerful console ever made (and by some degree by the looks of it). Roll on 2017!

Ubisoft Conference Summary

This year marked the 5th time in a row that actress Aisha Tyler presented Ubisoft’s conference. As an avid gamer herself, she brought her usual genuine enthusiasm to the stage.

The show began with the announcement of Just Dance 2017, the latest in the long running franchise. The game will launch in October on current systems and next year on Nintendo’s next machine code named NX. Next on the agenda was Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Wildlands, which was given a release date of March 7th 2017. The game’s lead designer Dominic Butler has promised the largest open world that Ubisoft has ever done, which is no mean feat considering the worlds seen in the likes of the Assassin’s Creed and Far Cry games.

For the next title, South Park: The Fractured But Hole, South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone took to the stage to go through various parts of the new game. In it you play as the new kid, and must become a superhero in Eric Cartman’s band of would be heroes.

We’re looking at a parody of Marvel’s Cinematic Universe, mostly Captain America: Civil War and the whole thing looks hilarious so far. Anyone who has either watched South Park or played the previous game South Park: The Stick of Truth will know what kind of humour to expect.

With VR being the next big thing, Ubisoft have an impressive game in the works titled Eagle Flight VR. It’s a multiplayer game in which players control their own eagle and try deliver prey to their own nest before the competition.

Keeping with VR they also announced Star Trek: Bridge Crew, which looks like every Star Trek fan’s dream come true. Some previous Star Trek actor’s were shown playing the game and having a great time doing it. For Honor was next on the agenda with a gameplay trailer shown off. In the game, players take control of Vikings, Knights and Samurai in epic battles that reminded me of Xbox One title Ryse: Son of Rome. If it’s anything like that game we’re in for a lot of fun.

Less violence, more colour for the next title with Grow Up, the sequel to last year’s hit platformer Grow Home. We can expect it to be released in August for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. One of the highlights of the show for me was the reveal of Trials of the Blood Dragon for PC, PS4 and Xbox One, a crazy mash up of Trials and Far Cry: Blood Dragon.

The best part of this surprise reveal is that the game is available right now! Next we had new footage of the upcoming action game Watch Dogs 2, which showed off the open world San Francisco setting with a cool infiltration mission.

The game will arrive November 15th, with all DLC arriving 30 days early on PS4. Ubisoft decided to end the show with a completely new game, Steep. The game is an ambitious extreme winter sports title that allows skiing, snowboarding, paragliding and wing suit flying.

It takes place in the Alps and has a focus on online multiplayer. Players are encouraged to share replays of impressive stunts, crashes and races. The game offers the ability to play in third person or first person (through each player’s in game GoPro camera) and explore the huge open world area at will.


Sony Conference Summary

The final pre-E3 conference from Sony was loaded with games, with very little talking in between. The show started off with a surprise gameplay trailer of the new God of War, with the crowd erupting in cheers when protagonist Kratos appeared on screen.

The trailer itself showed Kratos teaching his son to hunt, and encountering some fierce enemies on the way. It ends with a fast pace fight against a massive troll reminiscent of past boss fights in the series. New footage of The Last Guardian was then shown along with the confirmation of an October 25th release date. This comes as a relief to many fans who thought the game might never be released, having been in production since the early days of the PS3. Hopefully it will be worth the wait!

A new gameplay demo of next year’s Horizon: Zero Dawn was shown next which showed selectable dialogue, the ability to mount robotic animals for faster travel and even more of the impressive open world. Fans of Heavy Rain will love Detroit: Become Human, a story driven games now which your actions affect the outcome of the story. The game will be fully compatible with PlayStation VR.

Next on the VR list was the surprise announcement of Resident Evil 7, a welcome return to the survival horror roots of the series.  It looks truly terrifying and launches on January 24th 2017. The PlayStation VR itself finally received a firm release date of October 13th and it was revealed the headset would have 50 games by the end of the year.

This is very impressive for such a new piece of tech but hardly shocking considering the rate at which new games are being announced for it. The four games following this announcement are also for VR. Farpoint is a first person shooter set on an alien planet, Star Wars Battlefront X-Wing VR Mission pretty much speaks for itself (which sounds amazing), and Rocksteady announced Batman Arkham VR, giving players the opportunity to really feel like they’ve become the Caped Crusader.

Last but not least is Final Fntasy XV, which was revealed to have a VR experience exclusively on PS4. Along with getting the map packs 30 days early on PS4, players who pre-purchase the Legacy Edition on  PS4 will get their download of Modern Warfare Remastered 30 days early too!

Old school gamers rejoice as the original trilogy of Crash Bandicoot titles is finally being remastered for PS4! On top of this, Crash will be a guest character in the upcoming Toys to Life game Skylanders Imaginators which is out October 14th. With LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens launching at the end of the month, more footage was shown along with the announcement that a playable demo is available right now! A lot of fans were disappointed when Hideo Kojima’s Silent Hills starring Norman Reedus of The Walking Dead fame was cancelled, but now Kojima is back with a new studio and a new game. Death Stranding is a brand new action game starring… Norman Reedus!

Although no release date was announced, this game already has fans very excited. In a surprise move, Insomniac games revealed a PS4 exclusive Spider-Man game.

This is big news as every Spider-Man game for the last 14 years has been a multiplatform title. This one features an original story not tied to the upcoming movie, with a more experienced Peter Parker struggling to balance his superhero lifestyle with his career and personal life.


E3 Show Floor – Day 1

Ever since I was a child I’ve wanted to experience the spectacle of E3 for myself. Nothing seemed more exciting than seeing all these new games and playing them before anybody else, not to mention being there in the crowd for all the major announcements of the pre-show conferences. After finally being there this year, I was not disappointed.

The moment I arrived at the Los Angeles Convention Centre I knew I was in for something special. Unfortunately I was early and the show hadn’t officially opened yet, but luckily the EA Play event was already in full swing so I visited that. There was quite a queue for each game so I hit the Titanfall 2 queue first.

The game is just as hectic as the first, but the Titans are no longer handed to you on a timer, you must now earn them. Due to my poor skills I only managed to earn one Titan but once I had it I could dish out serious damage. I was in control of a brand new Titan: Scorch, and as the name suggests his abilities revolve around fire.

My reign didn’t last very long though and I was soon destroyed by an adversary controlling another Titan known as Ion. This guy uses a Splitter Rifle that can fire up to three shots at once. His Vortex Shield and scoring a critical hit on an enemy weak point will get you back some energy.

After my time was up on Titanfall I had a look at Fifa 17, which is set to be the biggest football game of the year yet again. This year the game has switched to the Frostbite graphics engine used by the likes of Battlefield. However, the biggest change this year comes from the addition of the single player campaign mode: The Journey.

This new mode focuses on the drama both on and off the pitch and if done correctly could bring in a whole new group of fans for the series. Last at EA Play for me was Battlefield 1. This game is a serious looker and even the pre alpha code I was playing on was running smoothly. Within seconds of playing the destructible environments were shown off as I blew up a hut on the way to my destination, inside a tank driven by a teammate.

For such large play areas the action remains exciting, thanks to the large player count on the map. Lucky players at home won’t even have to wait until the game’s release to sample the action, as a multiplayer beta launches later this summer. Members of EA Access will also be able to download the game a week early, adding yet another reason to subscribe to the service. With my time at EA Play over it was time to enter the main E3 show.

As I entered the centre I was greeted by a giant statue holding a sword, with a video of Tekken 7 playing above. Behind this was a huge Chocobo from Final Fantasy that you could climb on and get a picture. I went on a walk around the show floor to take it all in and I was blown away by the amount going on.

Unsurprisingly for anyone who knows me, I decided to start with the newly named The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. I was delighted to see that current series producer Eiji Aonuma was at the stand discussing the game for Nintendo’s Treehouse Live event which got me even more excited to play the game.

This is a title that aims to break free of a lot of the constraints of previous Zelda games and takes a less linear approach to the proceedings. The graphics are beautifully stylised and the open world is said to be 12 times larger than that of Twilight Princess’s. The section shown at E3, large and all as it was, represents only 1% of the total game size! Players will be able to hunt, explore and fight their way through this game in 2017.

Next up was the Warner Brothers area where I got to have a look at Injustice 2, LEGO Worlds, LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens as well as some exciting new packs for LEGO Dimensions. Injustice 2 builds on the first game with new characters, new abilities and a wealth of new items and accessories for your fighters. Now every fight will earn you items whether you win or lose, and with anything you attain can be instantly equipped.

These items aren’t just for show either, as your new fancier looking Batman might also have his attack power boosted, or any number of different perks. The stages are just as mental as ever, with the background being extremely interactive. LEGO Worlds is looking like a serious contender to Minecraft’s block building crown, with the worlds offering endless creation opportunities.

The tools used to create your worlds are very complex but easy to use, meaning anyone can get into the action quickly. There is also online multiplayer so you can help or hinder your friends in their endeavors. Unlike Minecraft though, players don’t always have do decide what they want to do as there are quest and missions to undertake, so either style of play is available depending on your preference.

LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens is only a couple of weeks away and is definitely going to be one of the biggest games of the summer. The game follows the story of the latest movie with the usual comedy twist in the cut scenes and levels. The LEGO games have a particular sense of humour and charm right down to the small details, such as Kylo Ren’s Darth Vader lampshade in his bedroom. Any PS4 players looking to try this game out at home can download a playable demo right now! The final thing I saw at Warner’s stand was the new LEGO Dimensions packs.

A new tier has been added this year–the Story Pack, with the Ghostbusters one being shown off here. The entire new movie can be played through and it comes with a new build for the LEGO portal. The new wave of packs offers 16 new franchises, bring the total up to a whopping 30! Some of my favourite newcomers are Harry Potter, Gremlins and Sonic the Hedgehog, but there’s something for everyone with the likes of Adventure Time, Knight Rider, Mission: Impossible and more.

Unfortunately with the length of the queues, my first day at E3 was already nearing an end. I managed to squeeze in some time at Bethesda’s stand where I saw some of the reboot of Prey and the beautiful remaster of Skyrim. Prey is a complete re-imagining of the original game rather than a sequel. The game takes place in the year 2033 on the space station Talos 1, with the player having to fight a mysterious alien race. It launches in 2017. I’ve been getting asked about The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition since long before it was ever officially confirmed so this is definitely going to be a big one.

Multiple graphical upgrades have been applied to the game, not to mention the inclusion of all previously released DLC for the game. Most excitingly of all for console owners is the addition of the previously PC only mods which allow you to tailor the whole experience to you liking.

The game is out this October and anyone who owns the Legendary Edition of Skyrim on Steam will be receiving a free upgrade, so if you have a gaming PC, get downloading!


E3 Show Floor – Day 2

My second day on the show floor was just as impressive as the first. My first stop was at the Square Enix stand to see what they had on offer. I got to see some blockbuster games like Final Fantasy XV, Mafia III and Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, but I also came across a potential gem in Dragon Quest: Builders. Final Fantasy XV has been in the works for 10 years and all that polish shows, with all the character models and locations on show looking very impressive.

The battle system is different than most other Final Fantasy titles, as instead of being turn based they are in real time allowing for faster paced action. The game promises a whopping 40-50 hours in story mode content alone, with an estimated 100 more hours in extra content! This is going to be a game that gives you serious value for money.

It is scheduled for release September 30th. Mafia III tells the story of Lincoln Clay, as he pursues revenge against the Italian mob in the fictional city of New Bordeaux. Set in 1968, seventeen years after the finale of Mafia II, Lincoln must join forces with other gangsters with a grudge. Fans of Mafia II will be glad to hear that this includes protagonist of the previous game, Vito Scaletta. It launches October 7th. Deus Ex: Mankind Divided offers a story reminiscent of X-Men. “Regular” humans have cast out “Augs”, humans with mechanical augmentations after an incident in which they were taken over by a rogue member of the Illuminati. The Illuminati covered up the truth and now it’s up to protagonist Adam Jensen to confront them.


We’re looking at a release date of August 23rd for this one and it looks well worth picking up. Last but not least for Square Enix’s stand I played Dragon Quest: Builders, which is another block building game looking to dethrone Minecraft as the building game of choice for gamers everywhere. Whether or not it reaches that level of popularity, this game has enough to make it stand out as more than just another pretender, with an interesting story mode that has players trying to rebuild the desolate world of Alefgard from scratch. The game is set for release on October 14th. Next I had a look at the Xbox area of the show where I got to see the new Xbox One S Console up close, as well as sample some of the great games on offer.

Forza Horizon 3 is looking amazing and just as fluid as previous entries in the series. Rather than the set tracks of the main series, this features a huge open world that is three times the size of the last Horizon game. Refreshingly, even though the game was only announced, it launches in only 3 months time on September 27th. Fans of the smash hit indie game Super Meat Boy will definitely love the next game I played: Cuphead. Featuring fast paced tough as nails platforming just like SMB, it also has 2 player co op and some crazy boss fights. The art style is like a 1930’s cartoon but don’t be fooled, this is not an easy game! Sea of Thieves was next on the agenda, developed by legendary studio Rare of Donkey Kong Country and Goldeneye 007 fame.

It is an seafaring action adventure game with an open world, the main focus of the game being multiplayer. Players are given the opportunity to live the life of a pirate and embark on adventures with their crew. This game will be out in 2017. On my way toward the PlayStation area I also got to see legendary developer and creator of some of my favourite gaming franchises Shigeru Miyamoto, so that’s one more thing off the bucket list! The waiting times were so long I only had time to fit in play time on 2 games but they were amazing and both on PlayStation VR. The first of these was The London Heist, part of the VR Worlds PS4 game. In it you play the gunman in a getaway car and must defeat enemies that are chasing you down.

It really feels like you’re in the car and different items can be interacted with including the car door, which you can open to knock a shooter off his motorbike. Being able to move your own head to look around in game and aim with the motion controller feels extremely natural and shows the potential of VR for more traditional FPS games too. The whole thing had me immediately sold on the idea of VR gaming. Next up was Battlezone, a modern day sequel to the classic arcade game.

This game places you in a futuristic battle tank and you must drive around destroying enemies with your various weapons. The immersion you get from using the PlayStation VR enhances this type of game tenfold, with the game placing you directly into the cockpit. You look down to see your radar and look around to catch sight of your target before aiming with the tank. It works so much better than the slow turning and aiming of other non-VR tank based games and you can react much faster.

Anybody who plays this or The London Heist will definitely want a PlayStation VR.


E3 Show Floor – Day 3

Sadly all good things must come to an end and this was the final day of E3 and my time at the gamer’s paradise within. I saw some footage of upcoming Wii U game Paper Mario: Color Splash, a beautiful action adventure game with RPG elements. In this game Mario and friends must use battle cards to defeat their enemies, painting them to power the cards up. The game will be in a similar style to 2012’s 3DS title Paper Mario: Sticker Star and is available this October. I managed to get some time in on new Ubisoft game Steep as well, which is a truly impressive extreme sports game set in the Alps.

The amount of challenges available to choose from in my short time with the game represented only a small amount of the actual game, so I’m looking forward to seeing what the full game has to offer. The game’s focus on multiplayer in the open world area means you can compete against your friends in challenges, races or just share replays of your impressive achievements/face-planting failures. Flying in the wing suit is definitely a highlight for me, the sense of speed is exhilarating but offers higher chance of failure.

One to watch this December. I also got to try For Honor, which is a third person action adventure game in the style of Ryse: Son of Rome and other hack and slash games. This is definitely not one for kids with gruesome battles between Vikings, Knights and Samurai. You can play as any of the three factions in the game, each with their own story campaign playable in single player or co op two player. The game amusing launches on Valentine’s Day February 14th 2017. Capcom was the final stand I got to visit at E3, with the first title I sampled being Monster Hunter Generations for 3DS. It follows the formula of previous 3DS Monster Hunter titles with the addition of new combat styles, special attacks and the ability to play as Felynes who used to only appear as companions to the player. Hunting fans don’t have long to wait on this one as it launches July 15th. As expected, Dead Rising 4 features even more over the top zombie action than ever, with the return of original protagonist Frank West.

Players can expect to craft insane weapons to battle their zombie enemies in the Christmas themed Willamette, Colorado setting. Xbox One and Windows 10 gamers can expect this on  December 6th, with a possible PS4 release in 2017. Before I left, I bought some E3 souvenirs to remember my time there (as if I’d somehow forget such an amazing event) and as a final farewell I decided to get a picture atop the giant Chocobo statue I first saw on the way in. The E3 experience was definitely worth the wait for me.