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Skylanders Imaginators- Unleash your imagination

by Neil Boddison


Skylanders is the bench mark for all Toys to Life brands as it was the first Toys to Life game to be released. It introduced us to a new way of playing games, one that was a mix of traditional platform gaming combined with toy figurines to play with when not connected to the console.
The new concept was a welcome introduction to gaming and over the years has become one of the leading brands within the industry of gaming and is in the top 20 of bestselling video games.
Skylanders started with Skylanders Spyros Adventure way back in 2011 and has gone on through the years with Giants, Swapforce, Trap Team, Superchargers and the new addition with Imaginators. Imaginators is shifting the power into the player’s hands and giving fans what they have been asking for–to be able to create their own Skylanders.
The Story

Skylanders Imaginators is set in Skylands and the Skylanders are once again trying to stop the evil Kaos’ destructive plans. This time Kaos has discovered the power of mind magic and has cloned himself to try to destroy the Skylanders by giving them double trouble. The cloned Kaos begins to seek all the power for himself which forces the real Kaos to work with the Skylanders to stop the evil clone. This means Kaos will be playable as a good guy–an interesting game-changer for Skylanders fans!

Meet The Senseis

In Imaginators there are characters called Senseis.  Senseis will unlock moves and items to be used on your own skylander and the more they are used the more items and abilities you unlock. They also unlock levels to play within the game. Each Senseis is a master of a battle class of which there are 10 altogether (Knight, Sorcerer, Brawler and more). These then can be taught to your Skylander. There are 20 new characters and 11 returning favourites including bad guys.

Crash Bandicoot

With Crash Bandicoot and Dr Neo Cortex you will battle through the Thumpin Wumpa Islands which feels like a Crash Bandicoot of old and is full of nostalgia, TNT, exploding boxes, apples, crabs and the usual hazards. There is also a boulder chasing level just like the original Crash Bandicoot games. These will only be available on PS4 which will include the Crash Bandicoot figure, Dr Neo Cortex and the Crash inspired level.

Creation Crystals

Imaginators are introducing a new item that acts as a vessel. When you create your Skylander you can then save your creation to your crystal and transport it any were and play at your friend’s house. Each crystal is elementally aligned and only one can be used per creation.

There will be level packs available which will come with a sensei and a level add on, combo packs which will contain a sensei and creation crystals that match their element in the form of single crystal packs and triple crystal packs.

The Kaos figure will be free with the starter packs while stocks last so make sure you get yours on launch, the Crash Bandicoot packs are PS4 only and will be extremely rare, they will be available at Smyths Toys Superstores on the 13th of October. See below the trailer for Skylander Imaginators –Unleash Your Imagination.
Skylander Imaginators