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Skylanders Battlecast – You’ve Seen Toys to Life, Time for Cards to Life!

by Daniel Boylan


Skylanders Battlecast

Activision are no strangers to blockbuster success, with many iconic series including Call of Duty, Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater and Guitar Hero all dominating their respective genres over the years. Even with that in mind, who could have predicted that Skylanders would become what it has today?

I have to admit that back in 2011 before the original game Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure hit store shelves, that I was one of the naysayers. Myself and the guys in the shop thought the game would fizzle away before Christmas without even the chance to become a series in its own right. As it was, the game was using well-known character Spyro the Dragon to ignite people’s nostalgia which I wasn’t sure was enough to do the trick.

Yet here we are five years later and not only is Skylanders still the top dog when it comes to the Toys to Life genre and a member of our Top 10 Family Video games, it’s also branching out into a completely new area.
Skylanders Battlecast is a strategic card battling game with a twist, you can buy real cards that can scan into your mobile device and be used in game for an augmented reality experience. This keeps the collectable feel of previous titles while offering a different style of play to any other game in the series.  The game isn’t short on content with multiple modes of play, each with tons to do so you won’t be getting bored any time soon!


There are four different types of cards on offer in Skylanders Battlecast:
  • Character Cards – as the name suggests, these allow you to battle as your favourite Skylander characters. There are characters from all five generations of Skylanders so you’ll be spoiled for choice.
  • Spell Cards – these cards cast powerful magic spells to help you overcome your foes and become the Ultimate Battlecaster.
  • Gear Cards – everyone loves to accessorise and the Skylanders are no different! Equip Gear Cards to boost your Skylander in battle.
  • Relic Cards – why play by the regular rules when you can rewrite the rulebook with these mysterious cards?
You can put together you own unique strategies by building micro-decks of 10 cards for each character, of which you have to choose 3 to bring into each battle. Every card can be upgraded to help you become absolutely unstoppable. There are no fewer than 270 cards to collect in total so you’ll have your work cut out for you to collect them all. There are four levels of rarity for the cards which are colour coded: Common Cards (grey), Rare Cards (blue), Epic Cards (purple) and Ultimate Cards (gold). Never fear if you happen to get more than one of the same card, you can combine duplicate cards to level up!
As with every game in the main series, Skylanders Battlecast features a single player campaign to get stuck into and this one is just as jam packed as the rest. There are more than 60 missions in the campaign which is set across eight elemental islands, each needing to be conquered to defeat the always up to no good Kaos and his legion of EVIL. There are individual challenges within each mission which can be completed for extra rewards, and if you’re like me you won’t be able to go on without doing the optional missions! On top of all this there are also daily quests which can be completed to earn more rewards and unlock achievements. All in all the single player is definitely a complete package but it’s not all that’s on offer.

There is also a multiplayer aspect to the game which can be played both locally or online. Both offer the opportunity to earn bonus rewards to help you on the way to becoming the Ultimate Battlecaster. So whether you prefer to battle your opponents face to face or challenge other Battlecasters from around the globe for PvP (Player Vs Player) battles, this game has got you covered.

Skylanders Battlecast launches on May 27th and is available as a free app through the App Store, Google Play Store and Amazon. The cards will be available in both 22 card Battle Packs and 8 card Booster Packs so you’ll be well on your way to a complete collection in no time at all!