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Get Ready to Craft some fun with Poochy & Yoshi’s Woolly World!

by Daniel Boylan


With the imminent release of the Nintendo Switch on 3rd March (see article here), you’d be forgiven for thinking it was the end of the line for Nintendo 3DS family systems. Thankfully this is not the case, with the machines being graced with some fantastic titles this year, and Poochy & Yoshi’s Woolly World is set to kick things off!
For those who don’t know, this is an enhanced version of Yoshi’s Woolly World which was released on Wii U in June 2015. Usually in the role of Mario’s sidekick in the various Super Mario titles, Yoshi gets a rare chance to take centre stage in this addictive side-scrolling platformer.
As we’ve come to expect in games from the Mario universe, somebody is causing some serious mischief and this time it’s Kamek the Magikoopa! The Yoshis are minding their own business on Craft Island when Kamek shows up and starts turning all the Yoshi’s into yarn. Luckily, a couple of Yoshis manage to escape without being unravelled and set out on an epic adventure to save their friends.

The first thing that grabs you about Poochy & Yoshi’s Woolly World is its unusual art style. The entire game world is made up of various fabrics and materials, giving the game a unique look even in this typically colourful genre. Every area in the game pops with beautifully bright colours, and if you happen to be playing on one of the 3DS models rather than a 2DS, you can experience the lovely depth effect the 3D gives the backgrounds. The graphics aren’t the only thing that make this game stand out though, as the game has a suitably cheerful soundtrack that you can’t help but hum along to. It’s just as catchy as the Super Mario Bros theme tune!
As the slight name change from the Wii U version suggests, Yoshi’s pal Poochy also plays a larger part in the action this time. He has been given his own set of levels known as Poochy Dash stages, which are a great way of building up your Beads (the in-game currency) to buy special power ups for the main levels. If you have the Yarn Poochy amiibo bundled with the Special Edition of the game, you can unlock Time Attack mode in the Poochy Dash stages, and in turn earn special designs for the in-game Poochy! Another new feature not in the Wii U version is the ability to draw designs for your in-game Yoshi using the touch screen so you can let your imagination run wild!

Back on the subject of amiibo figures, Poochy & Yoshi’s Woolly World is compatible with absolutely tons of them, which will unlock new designs for your Yoshi or give you an extra Yoshi on screen depending on which amiibo you use. Simply tap the amiibo to the touch screen on New Nintendo 3DS models or use the Nintendo 3DS NFC Reader/Writer (sold separately) for 2DS and older model 3DS consoles.

The game presents a challenge even for platforming veterans like myself, with plenty of hidden collectables and bonuses for beating levels with full health, including secret levels! This doesn’t mean that younger gamers or players new to the platforming genre should be put off however, as anyone having trouble can adjust the game to Mellow Mode. This mode features the ability to hover with Winged Yoshi, and new to this version are the Poochy Pups, who will sniff out secrets in the level and help defeat your foes. No matter what your skill level, you know you’ll be able to enjoy this game all the way to the end!
As an added bonus, anybody looking for a break from the action can go to the in-game Yoshi Theatre to watch 30 animated shorts, developed by the animation studio Dwarf. These cute videos show what Poochy & Yoshi get up to when they’re not out saving their friends!
Poochy & Yoshi’s Woolly World is available from 3rd February 2017, anyone looking to try the game now can download a free demo by scanning the QR code below with their console’s camera!