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PJ Masks – a great new show that kids love!

by Smyths Toys


Originally based on a range of children’s books from France, PJ Masks is a great new show that kids love! First coming to Disney Junior in 2015, the series has been a hit ever since in France, the UK and the US.
PJ Masks revolves around three 6-year-olds, Connor, Amaya and Greg, who lead relatively normal lives by day where they are neighbours, classmates and friends. However, at night they become Catboy, Owlette and Gekko and fight crime as the superhero team PJ Masks. Together they go on adventures, defeat villains, solve mysteries and learn valuable lessons.
The leader of the group is Connor, who dons a costume with cat ears and a long cat tail to become Catboy! His super powers are similar to the abilities of a real cat, in that he is able to jump in a superhuman way and run super fast too. This comes in handy when escaping from or capturing criminals.
Connor lives next door to Amaya who becomes Owlette at night when fighting crime. She can do a handspring and also wears a cool red cape that can solidify into wings, enabling her to fly just like an owl. She can also see in the dark, so is able to sneak around and catch criminals in the pitch black! She also has an awesome vehicle, the Owl-glider, which she keeps in the secret PJ Masks tower.
Greg is the youngest member of PJ Masks and transforms into his alter ego Gekko. His costume includes a thick reptilian tail, fins on the top of his head and even suction cups on his hands. His super Gekko camouflage means he can change colour at will to match his surroundings and he also has super muscles so that he can lift heavy things. He’s also great at climbing walls and when needs must he can even walk on water!
Together, the crime fighting kids help to stop villains such as Luna Girl, Romeo and Night Ninja, all while keeping their identities a complete secret from everyone.
If your kids love the series or you think it’s something they would be interested in, the first series is out now on Disney Junior and the next series is scheduled to come out next year. Here at Smyths Toys Superstores we have loads of great PJ Masks merchandise and toys. So if you have a little PJ Masks fan in the family, check out a few of our favourite products so they can have their very own PJ Masks fun at home!
PJ Masks dress up set

Now not only can you watch your favourite characters fight crime on TV, but you can play the real thing at home! These super cool PJ costume sets come with full clothes and masks in each of the characters, so you can either mix and match which character you want to be or get friends or siblings to join in and act out your favourite scenes or create your own!

These costumes will fit perfectly for ages 4-6 and are made of a high quality sturdy fabric so you can play outside or in, jumping, running and rolling just like your heroes. Take a break from the TV and act out being your favourite characters instead!
PJ Masks 15cm Deluxe Talking Cat Boy

Once you’ve got your costume, all you need to act out your favourite episodes is the rest of the gang to join you! These interactive play figures are perfect for playing with alone or with others and are available to collect in each main character so you can get the whole set! Night-time is the right time to fight crime with the PJ Masks Deluxe Light-up Talking Cat Boy!

This articulated 15cm Figure is the perfect choice for every PJ Masks fan! Each character features a light-up amulet, just like in the show and they all speak phrases from the show!
PJ Masks Collectible Figures 5 pack

If you love the main characters of the show, don’t forget about the villains too! If you don’t want to wait to collect the whole set, we’ve got a great collectible figures pack that features Catboy, Gekko, Owlette, Romeo and Luna Girl. Each character is set in a dynamic pose, making them perfect for both play and display.

You can create your favourite scenes and act them out with the whole gang or share among friends so you can all play with your favourite characters together!
PJ Masks Vehicle & Figure – Owlette Flyer

Owlette definitely isn’t complete without her incredibly useful gadget car, the Owl-glider. This set comes complete with car and Owlette figure so you can zoom around your room solving crimes. Fly “into the night to save the day” as you roll the Owl Glider with Owlette inside!

The glider can even fit all three PJ Masks 8cm Figures! Collect all of the figures and you’ll be able to give them all a turn at driving the glider. This is a perfect starter toy if Owlette is your favourite character and you’re just starting out your collection.
PJ Masks Bean Plush Assortment

If you would rather cuddle up to your favourite super heroes than use them for display or to fight with, the PJ Masks gang also comes in a plush toy version so you can cuddle them at night, take them out and about or use them to play with! The set features the main characters Owlette, Catboy and Gekko and also the evil villain inventor Romeo so you can act out loads of scenes as well as being able to choose a different character to cuddle every time. These plush characters are the perfect size to take with you on your own adventures and to keep you company in the car or on overnight stays.

PJ Masks Mask Assortment

If you’re not a fan of a full costume or just want something that you can take with you to a friend’s house, you’ll love this assortment of costume masks!

The masks that the gang wear are one of the most important parts of protecting their identity and you can disguise yourself to by putting one on and becoming your favourite character.
Easily change between characters and swap roles with this collection of masks so you can be a hero, villain or any character you feel like.
The masks are made from high density durable plastic so are perfect for all types of play and have a comfortable fit to suit a range of ages of little ones.
If you have a little PJ Masks fan or if you think your child will love this show after seeing our product range, these toys are great for little learners who love action and playing with their friends. Whether you’re collecting the whole set of characters or getting your dressing up gear on, there’s heaps of fun to be had with each unique character.