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Nerf HyperFire – The Fastest Firing Blaster Ever!

by Peter Jenkinson


Nerf HyperFire

There are many different strategies that you can employ with your NERF blaster in hand. Is it the sit-it-out and wait for the most opportune moment to strike strategy? Or perhaps you prefer the pinpoint accuracy method–firing less often but with more precision?

We’re thinking that unleashing a flurry of foam darts upon your target and overwhelming them with your arsenal likely causing them to react in no other way than to simply be rendered motionless whilst it happens is the most satisfying and grin inducing method to offer.

And the blaster to make it happen?
The latest arrival in the NERF line-up, Hyperfire is here and before we’ve even start on its blasting prowess the exterior design is well worth a mention.
Nerf N-Strike Elite HyperFire Blaster

The design features a new tiger-like camouflage patterning on the stock and main housing, these blue stripes also have different textures making it one of the most tactile blasters ever.
The Hyperfire is the fastest firing NERF blaster ever.
You’ll be able to unload the 25 dart drum in under six seconds if you keep your trigger finger down as this one can unleash darts at the rate of five per second.
There is absolutely no compromise on distances either as this futuristic looking NERF manages a range of up to 90 feet and with impressive accuracy.
It’s powered by 4xD batteries that sit in the stock part of the blaster to help balance up the Hyperfire and make it easy to aim and comfortable to hold.
The design includes a thumbhole and a handgrip as well as the trigger which adds extra stability to the Hyperfire.
These spaces haven’t just been designed with smaller hands in mind; this one is aimed at the kidults too.
So, ergonomically, the Hyperfire has been designed for perfection. The patterning and textures are really impressive and at the business end for its foam dart discharge rate it is leader of the pack. The NERF Hyperfire acts like a dart hose when in full blast mode and is the best all-rounder we’ve ever seen.
Time to Play

You are most certainly going to dominate the battlefield with this blaster but if you go full power too early you are going to be left isolated until you’ve gathered and re-loaded, an easy target if you will.
Always have a secondary blaster at your disposal, carry extra arsenal too when you’ve a Hyperfire on-board and taking part in one of many games we’ve talked about before.
The beauty of blasting at the rapid rate the Hyperfire has to offer led us to uncover some fun pursuits in which you can partake on your lonesome, or in a non-battle scenario at least. Time to put the trigger to full down mode and take out some targets:
From larger targets that you can pin up against a wall or suspend from a tree paint up some paper plates, pop a hole in the middle for the super sweet bulls-eye shot to go through. Score points and keep a league table amongst friends and family for the notable title to aim for of supreme Hyperfire champion.
Taking slightly longer but well worth all the effort is threading string through ping pong balls and hanging these up in a row, as your aim improves getting the darts on target gives satisfying results.
The same goes for setting up a tin van alley and plastic bottle firing range, it is like organized chaos.
Not for the faint hearted and certainly not for those with immaculately kept haircuts is the water balloon challenge, just launch one skywards and see if you can blast it open before it hits the ground.
It is of course your choice where to stand. You could just suspend a few of these and enjoy the spectacle of them exploding.
Time to get creative with your target making, the Hyperfire can cope with almost anything.
What targets are you going to create? Have you some favourites we’ve not talked about?