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Check out the future of PS4 with these new models

by Daniel Boylan


Well the time has finally come and PlayStation Neo is no more.
Sony has announced not one but two new model PlayStation 4 consoles, dropping the codename in the process and both machines will be on shop shelves before Christmas!
We now have the PS4 Slim and the PS4 Pro, hitting the shelves on 16th September and 10th November respectively. But what exactly are they…?
PS4 Slim
Sony are no strangers to slimming down their launch hardware, with every console they’ve made since the original PlayStation getting a slimmer model (or two) over their lifespan.
The PS4 Slim follows this trend by replacing the current model with a slicker, more energy efficient unit. But fear not, though it may be smaller, it still packs the full power of the PlayStation 4 in there! As if that’s not impressive enough, as well as a 30% decrease in size, the PS4 Slim is 28% more energy efficient and comes with improved Wi-Fi capabilities!
With its £259.99/€299.99 price point for 500GB coming 16th September (£309.99/€349.99 for the 1TB version, coming 29th September), it’s perfect for anyone looking to join this generation of hardware and enjoy the latest games without breaking the bank.
PS4 Pro
This beefed up version of the PlayStation 4 is designed for gamers who want the best performance possible, with 4K gaming in particular being the aim.
The PS4 Pro allows you to experience both games and video content in 4K and High Dynamic Range (HDR), as well as playing all previously released PS4 content. There will even be updates for many existing games allowing them to benefit from the extra power of the PS4 Pro.
But don’t fret if you don’t have a 4K TV yet, you’ll see a difference in performance even on a standard HDTV. The insides of the console have been supercharged compared to the entry level PS4s, with the Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) having more than double the power and the clock speed of the Central Processing Unit (CPU) being boosted too!
Also included is the improved Wi-Fi of the PS4 Slim, this is the ultimate PS4 after all.
The extra horsepower the PS4 Pro is packing also means developers can squeeze some extra performance out of the games for PlayStation VR (see previous article here), though it should be noted that every single PS4 console out there is PlayStation VR compatible. For those lucky enough to be getting a Pro though, we can expect improved frame rates and resolution from certain games so they’ll definitely be looking their best on PS4 Pro!
On the video side of things, both Netflix and YouTube will have new apps available for the launch of PS4 Pro with hundreds of hours of 4K content ready for your enjoyment.
The PS4 Pro also comes with a 1TB hard drive, meaning you won’t run out of space any time soon.

It’s more expensive than the Slim at £349.99/€399.99 but with the extra power and features it’s definitely worth it, especially if you’ve got a brand new 4K TV awaiting some eye-meltingly good looking content!
Whether you want the best performing console available or just want to play the odd game of Fifa 17, there’s a PlayStation 4 model to suit everyone!