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Transformers The Last Knight review

Transformers are back on the big screen with their fifth instalment to the hugely successful franchise based around the Hasbro toy range.   

This new movie start where the last film left off  with Optimus Prime floating around space searching for the Transformers ‘Creator’.  Whilst the Autobots lead by Cade Yeager (Mark Wahlberg) are in hiding from the authorities until Prime returns to save the human race.

Much like the previous film (Age of Extinction), The Last Knight continues to delve into the historical relationship between Humans and the Transformers whilst introducing elements of the original eighties movie and TV show. 

This time around the story centres on the Dark Ages and the period of King Arthur, Merlin and the Knights of the Round Table.  The Last Knight begins with easily the most epic battle ever seen in a Transformers film when the Kings army take on the Saxon’s while fighting alongside an incredible looking Transformers Dragon controlled by the magician Merlin (WWE fans look out for UK Superstars Trent Seven and Wolfgang Young in this sequence) . 

Back in the present day – when called to save a group of young scavengers, Cade discovers a crashed Transformers space craft with a medieval looking robot in its pilot’s seat.  The Pilot hands him a Transformers remnant from the Dark ages and along with Izabella (Isabela Moner), Jimmy (Jerrod Carmichael), Bumblebee and likely to be a must own toys for 2017 ‘Sqweeks’ they escape from the clutches of the continually chasing US Army. 

When met by the highly efficient and somewhat blunt/rude robot butler ‘Cogman’ (voiced by Downton’s Jim Carter) the group are separated into two teams as Bumblebee and Cade travel to England to meet with the eccentric Sir Edmund Burton (Anthony Hopkins). Burton teams them up with historian Dr Vivian Wembley (Laura Haddock) and sets them on a quest to discover the whereabouts of Merlin’s staff and the true origins of our ‘Robots in Disguise’.

Meanwhile Optimus Prime has been brainwashed by the ‘Creator’ and is hell-bent on destroying earth to save his home planet of Cybertron.

And just to add to all the chaos, Megatron is now working with the US Army and has a newly formed team of evil Decepticon’s assigned to him to finally track down and destroy the Autobots.    

Fingers crossed you’re still following – there’s a lot going on in this film.

The stand out new Transformers characters from this movie are Cogman, Sqweeks, Hot Rod and Mohawk. While we find out far more about Bumblebee’s back story, perfectly sets up for the spin off film ‘Bumblebee’ released in cinemas 2018.  

Transformers movies are not just a great night out at the cinema for fans of the franchise – they’re also a shop window to show off the latest must own toy characters. These new characters are likely to be very popular with young and old fans alike.

As for the movie – Director Michael Bay has created something very special for his final outing in the hot seat.  It feels fresh and perfectly sets up the series for the next five, six or however many movies there are to come in the future.  Also with the return of Colonel William Lennox (Josh Duhamel) from the first  trilogy, ‘Last Knight’ feels far more integrated into the original Shia LaBouf story. Transformers The Last Knight is action packed and very funny in a ‘Monty Python’ type way in places. 

Some of the language is a bit ‘fruity’ in places – but if you’re happy for your Kids to watch the first four films you’ll have no problem with the content in this latest chapter.

There’s a lot going on in this film and only the die-hard fans will truly follow the story. If you fall into the category of Transformers fans that never really know what’s going on, but enjoy the series – Just do what you always do. Turn off your brain and enjoy the marvel that is Michael Bay’s imaginative film making.  There is genuinely never a boring moment in this movie.   

I’ve always enjoyed the Transformers films as I’m a huge fan of both the toys and the original eighties TV show. This latest movie draws on all the things that made the franchise great back in the day with a few lovely surprises for retro fans. To my mind this is the best Transformers film yet!!!  

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