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Spider-Man Homecoming

There’s a lot of talk about the dominance of Super hero movies at the cinema. Do we need more? And do we need another Spider-Man Re-Boot? I’d suggest you going to see the latest offering and then make that call. 

Spider-Man is easily the most popular and certainly the best selling Marvel character of all time. For nearly sixty years kids have loved dressing up in the web-slingers famous red and blue outfit - while his action figures have been played with by millions of kids around the world for generations.

This latest adventure continues from the last Avengers film ‘Captain America Civil War’, with young Peter Parker (Tom Holland) now under the watchful eye of Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jnr). Pareker’s brief link-up with The Avengers has left Peter frustrated that he’s not able to do enough to help the people of New York with his newly developed Super Powers.  So completely ignoring Starks guidance – the somewhat clumsy ‘Spider-Man’ takes to the streets to prove Avengers status. Alas it doesn’t quite turn out how he intends it. 

Meanwhile a new crime wave has begun with the sale of arms developed around alien technology left over by the Avengers battle in New York eight years previous. Lead by developer and arms dealer Adrian Toomes (Michael Keaton). Toomes has a vendetta against Stark industry for shutting down his previous company and takes to the air as his alter-ego Super villain ‘The Vulture’ -  with a plot to destroy Tony Stark and anyone connected to him.  

On discovering the illegal arms movement and Toomes plan to disrupt Stark Industry, Parker decides to take on The Vulture with or with Iron-Man’s help and return to the city again.

And if that’s not enough for one teenage to take on, Parker has all the usual teenage issues ever youngster has to deal with  - as well as a pending High School Prom and new love ‘Liz’. Peter Parker isn’t the natural to dating and being Spider-Man naturally complicates the process further. 

This new Spider-Man film feels like a bridge between being part of the Avengers series as well being a spin off to Iron-Man series. Spider-Man Homecoming is action packed from start to finish and really really funny. There are some great performances from Holland, Keaton and Jon Favreau (returning as Iron-Man’s Happy) and new gadgets such as Spider-Man’s ‘Web Wings’ make the re-boot feel fresh and new.  Some of the language is a bit ‘fruity’ in places so you may want to cover youngster’s ears from time to time.  The movie is rated 12A so if you’ve taken your kids to past Avengers films, you’ll know what to expect from the content. 

This is easily up there as one of the best films in the Avengers franchise and works well as a standalone movie if you children haven’t seen the past fifteen movies.  

So get your ‘Web Wings’ on now (available from Smyths Toys) and take your kids to see Spidey on the big screen. It’s always an event movie for the family and not to be missed!!!