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 The ultimate guide to our bikes 

We all remember the joy of getting our first bike as a child, for Christmas or a birthday. Receiving your first ever bike, or even just a brand new one, is still a really special rite of passage for children. Our kids might ask for the latest gadgets in this age of technology, but a new bike is as thrilling as ever.

A new bike encourages kids to get outdoors more, take learning and safety seriously and take pride in looking after and maintaining something special of their own. Bikes give kids a new sense of freedom. Helping to pick out their new bike makes kids of all ages feel really grown up. So how do you know which bike is right for your child? How do you choose a bike they’ll love to cycle?

At Smyths, we have an amazing selection of bikes for children of all ages, so that you can compare a wide range of styles and models all under one roof. Find the perfect bike for your child, one that they love and that you trust is right for them.

Balance bikes 

A balance bike makes a perfect first bike and can be used from 18 months old and over. Get your little cycling enthusiast started young! The small size and frame of these bikes make them perfect for little ones. The handlebars have limited movement, giving your child an easy start as they learn to control a bike.

The Zycom balance bike

is full of great features to help your child gain the confidence they’ll need for the next stage of bike riding. With hardwearing plastic wheels and a sturdy frame, your child can play and explore on this bike without running into trouble. 

Choosing a balance bike that features your child’s favourite character can get your little one excited about their new bike, develop their confidence using it and get them outdoors.

Paw Patrol Balance Bike


is great for children learning balance, coordination and speed control, preparing them to ride off independently on a pedal bike.

Minnie Mouse balance bike

is the perfect start for little Disney fans. This pretty balance bike comes with EVA puncture proof tyres. The purple front and rear half-mudguards protect the rider from getting splashed while out and about on their adorable Minnie Mouse bike.

Kids’ bikes 

Once your child outgrows their balance bike and is old enough to ride properly, they’ll need a kids’ bike to reach their full riding potential. Our kids’ bikes come in sizes 12” to 16” in all styles.These bikes are one step up from balance bikes and more closely resemble an adult bike.

The features similar to those of an adult bike are designed to get your child used to a new style of riding. Our kids’ bikes feature a range of your child’s favourite characters, with familiar faces from

The great thing about our kids’ bikes is that they are specially designed with children in mind. Their unique steel frame is exclusive to Smyths and our kids’ bikes feature steel rimmed wheels with air pumped tyres. Our licensed bikes come with either steel baskets and doll carriers or front plaques, as well as printed padded seats and fully enclosed chain guards. These add another level of fun, comfort and safety to your little cyclist’s bike.

One of our favourites is the Batman kids’ bike

This 14” Batman bike is ideal for teaching little Batman fans how to cycle. This cool black bicycle with yellow detailing has a fully enclosed chain guard to help keep kids and their clothes clean. We also love the Disney Frozen bike, featuring images of Queen Elsa and Princess Anna.

The spacious handlebar basket is perfect for storing your toys or accessories while you’re on the go!

Steel bikes

When your child has grown out of their kids’ bike and wants to get on with some serious riding, a steel bike could be exactly what they need.We stock a wide range of steel bikes from city-style riders to mountain bikes with 6 to 18 speeds. We stock all the favourite brands so your child can choose the right bike for them. We even have an Our Generation range completely exclusive to Smyths.

Our steel bikes come in bike sizes from 18” up to 26” in all styles.

The 20 Inch Paris bike is the ideal bike for young riders.

This bicycle features an adjustable seat that adapts to suit your child’s height as they grow. The colourful design makes it very eye-catching.

One of our other ultimate favourites is

the 20 Inch Muddyfox Alpha Hardtail Bike.

It features 6 speed gears with Shimano Revoshifter, front and rear V brakes and front suspension, making younger riders feel super cool on a bike designed to win any race. 

Alloy frame bikes

A great alternative to a steel bike is an alloy frame bike. These feature lightweight frames that are easily manoeuvrable, perfect for kids learning the finer ins and outs of bike riding. We stock alloy frame bikes for boys and girls from sizes 20” to 26”, with 6 to 21 speeds, depending on how your child wants to cycle.

One of our personal favourites is the Vogue alloy

with its easy to handle lightweight alloy frame. With high performance tires and a quick release saddle, this is the perfect bike to grow up with, whether you’re riding to school or cycling on a day out in the park with friends. 

BMX bikes 

If the perfect gift for your kid would be a BMX bike, we have the one for you. Our range features some great choices for your little BMX adventurer, including bikes with 360 degree gyro handlebars and alloy rimmed wheels.

Our ultimate best sellers are the Hybrid Theory 

They’re perfect for getting to grips with this style of bike, practicing tricks and off road adventures. The Hybrid Theory even features stunt pegs and a 360 degree gyro headset, making this bike ideal for showing off tricks.