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My Con (age 10) struggles with the notion that there was once a time with no internet. He believes that people used to live their lives in ‘Back and White’. And I dare say he would also find it barbaric to think that there was ever a time with no Minion toys available.  The Minions have become so ingrained into our family culture over recent years I struggle myself to believe there was ever actually a time without these infectious characters.  

Despicable Me 3 is the fourth movie in this highly successful franchise from the studio that created such hits as Sing and Secret life of Pets.  The latest adventure begins with a wonderfully high-octane ‘Bond-esque’ opening sequence.  Secret agents Gru (Steve Carrell) and Lucy (Kristen Wiig) attempt to stop the disgruntled ex-TV child star Balthazar Brat (Trey Parker) from stealing a priceless gem to use in his villainess plot to destroy Hollywood.  On recovering the gem but failing to capture Brat - the two find themselves fired from their secret agent role and seeking a new career. The story takes a further twist when Gru discovers he has a long lost twin brother called Dru (also voiced by Carrell) who sends for his newly found family and invites them to stay at his luxurious mansion.

 On meeting his brother, Gru learns of his father’s past as an ‘Evil Mastermind’. Dru convinces his long lost twin to tutor him in the ways of dastardliness so that he can finally follow in his father’s footsteps in a life of villainy. But Gru has no intension of returning to his villainous ways and sees it as an opportunity to finally capture Balthazar Brat and return to his role as a secret agent.

Meanwhile Gru’s youngest daughter and Unicorn fan Agnes is told by a local villager that the mythological beasts really do exist and that they live in the forest that overlooks her uncle’s mansion. This storyline is just too adorable and will make every little girl on the planet want to start seeking Unicorns. 

This latest instalment to the Despicable Me story ticks all the boxes for the perfect family film. Parents will love the 80’s obsessed Bratt with his brilliantly funny retro references and his cool ‘flash back’ music soundtrack. Young children will find the Unicorn plotline magical and inspiring. While teens/tweens that have grown up with the first three films will be excited by the action and comedy surrounding Gru and his brother’s antics.  Also Brats evil sidekick ‘Clive the Robot’ is likely to be very popular with young boys. 

And naturally there’s plenty of hilariousness from the Minions throughout.  Everyone loves the Minions and they’re as barmy and brilliant as ever.

Get ready to see Minions, Unicorns and maybe a few ‘Uni-Goats’ on the must own toy list in 2017. They’re back and I think it’s safe to say this won’t be the last movie in the Despicable Me series. My family came out of the cinema wanting more adventures. Banana!!