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Cars 3

It is always a family event  when a long running Disney Pixar franchise returns to the big screen and the mighty Lightning McQueen is definitely up there as one of the studios finest creations. Since the release of the first film back in 2006 every kid on the earth has loved McQueen and co’s adventures and I’m not sure there’s a child in the western world that doesn’t own at least one Cars or Planes toy from the series.

This latest adventure takes the story back to the roots of the first movie with our Lightning still enjoying race glory in the fast paced world of Stock car racing. That is until a rookie car arrives on the scene by the name of Jackson Storm (voiced by Armie Hammer) with new hi-tech training regime and ultra modern style of racing.  Suddenly McQueen (Voiced by Owen Wilson) finds himself struggling to keep up with the younger models of cars being introduced to the race circuit with calls for him to retire for the race world completely and dedicate his career to endorsing mud flaps for sponsors. 

Undeterred and desperate to stay in the Stock car game – McQueen finds support the new owner to his Rust-eze sponsor, who gives him access to state of the art training technology similar to that used by his foe Jackson Storm. But McQueen struggles to get to grips with the new wave of training techniques and finds his new trainer Cruz Ramirez (voiced by Cristela Alonzo) more of a hindrance than an aid.  Missing the inspiring word of wisdom from his old mentor Doc Hudson, he seeks to find Doc’s trainer ‘Smokey’ so that he can have one last chance at beating Jackson Storm and continue his career of racing.

Alas nothing is never simple in the world of ‘Cars’ and along the way McQueen has a few obstacles to overcome.

All our favourite characters from the movie franchise and TV spin-offs return, along with his ever faithful buddy and kidz favourite ‘Mater.

The Cars and Planes films have always been popular with youngsters – but they’ve never quite ticked all the boxes for enjoyment with parents. This latest film feels far more like a classic Pixar movie with the same ‘heart’ and sentimental moments you come to expect from movies such as Toy Story and Up. 

I take no shame in admitting that at one point I did find myself with a slight tear in my eye and the finale is incredible exciting.  Car 3 is easily the best of the three films and with its ‘Rocky 4-esqe’ storyline it’s guaranteed to be a hit with both kids and parents alike.

 If this is the last Cars film in the series it’s certainly going out in style. Toys of McQueen and his friends will definitely be back on the birthday and Christmas list in 2017!!!