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The summer blockbuster season is upon us and much like every year the biggest movies on the planet are released back to back in cinemas. Already movies such as Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2, Pirates of the Caribbean Salazar’s Revenge and WonderWoman have proven major hits with both critics and movie-goers alike and that was just the beginning of the most profitable season in the film diary.

June see’s the return of Hasbro’s mega toy franchise turn multibillion pound movie series Transformers, with its fifth instalment to the epic robot saga and bundles of new fun characters for Transformers fans to add to their toy collection. 

Transformers The Last Knight takes us back to the period of Knights and sorcery re-writing the mythological history books with the introduction of the ‘Robots in Disguise’ to the King Arthur and Merlin story. All of our favourite Autobot heroes are back along with some new and interesting characters to the movie franchise such as the English robot butler Cogman, the retro fan favourite Hot Rod and the likely to be a massive hit with the Kids Sqweeks.  Sqweeks is a very interesting offering for the younger end of the fan base as he taps into the same audience that BB8 created in the Star Wars series. Also along with his owner Izabella (Played by Nickelodeon star Isabela Moner) – it will be interesting to see if this movie brings a new young female movie-goer to the franchise as Rey and BB8 did with The Force Awakens.

As expected Hasbro have a huge range of toys to compliment the release of the movie. There’s something for all ages from a remote control Sqweeks and easy to transform action figures for youngsters. While the older end of the market have the slightly more complex Transforming characters to choose from.

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The Minions are back for yet another helping of ‘bonkersness’ with the forth movie in the franchise and third instalment to Gru’s (Played by Steve Carell) chaotic family antics. In Despicable Me 3 Gru discovers he has a twin brother called Dru who wants to follow in the footsteps of his infamous brothers past villainess. Meanwhile former 80’s child star Balthzar Bratt (Trey Parker) has a plan for world domination as the two worlds collide in what is likely to be the same ‘Despicable’ madness we have come to expect for this brilliant series of animated movies.   

Expect to see Minion merchandise back on the Birthday and Christmas gift list again in 2017 – not that they’ve ever really left the list. This has been easily one of the most successful toy ranges in recent years and there’s a huge array of interesting toy offerings from Walking talking Minions to Minions in prison wear. Young girls are likely to get very excited about the Unicorn and newly introduced Unigoat toy range.  

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Spider-Man, Spider-Man, does whatever a spider can.  As we enter July ‘Spidey’ hits our screens again with his third incarnation of the ‘Friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man’ now played by Brit actor Tom Holland (First seen in the Disney/ Marvel‘s Captain America Civil War). Now taking the main stage in his first stand alone movie - ‘Spider-Man Homecoming’ also sees another crowd pleasing Marvel hero Iron-Man (Robert Downey Jr) enter the web slinging universe.  Peter Parker is continuing his Avenger training under the watchful eye of Tony Stark – but life is never quite that simple when you’re living in the world of Super Heroes as a new super villain ‘The Vulture’  arises to disrupt Parker’s  world.   

Like any Marvel film much of the story is shrouded in secrecy, although the toy range available offers a few hidden secrets with talking action figures giving fans a few minor hints into what we can expect from Spidey’s latest adventure. Spider-Man products have always been a missive draw to youngsters and the latest offering s around this movie add something new to the collection. Kidz will love that Spider-Man now has wings integrated into his famous red and blue costume – adding a whole new range of play for youngsters seeking to re-enact the action from the new film!!!    

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When it comes to family event movies, it doesn’t get much bigger than a Cars sequel. Lightning McQueen (Played by Owen Wilson) returns for a third instalment of one of the best loved Disney/Pixar film franchises of all time. Times are tough for poor old Lightning as he finds himself pushed out of the race game when new technology takes over the sport and younger faster cars take to the race track.

 There’s a whole generation of youngsters that have never seen a cars film on the big screen and cinematically these movies are always a spectacular for the audience with immense racing action and thundering stereo surround sound as the cars tear around the race track. Cars 3 is every inch the must see movie for this summer. 

As with past Cars films there’s a huge array of toy offerings and merchandise to compliment the film’s release. With new characters such as Jackson Storm and Cruz Remirez likely to excite fans – top of the list will be the remote control vehicles which my own children have not stopped playing with since their arrival to our home.   Our kitchen has been a race track for the last month and it looks as if that will continue throughout the summer. 

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Never has a summer been so hot with a wealth of quality film franchises to entice the family market to the cinema.  With so much on offer it’s going be hard to pick which films to see during the school holidays. Although whatever you take the kids to see you’re guaranteed it will be a winner with the youngsters.  Enjoy the #MovieMagic in 2017!!! 

Smyths Toys Recommendations for

#MovieMagic fans!!!


Disney Pixar Cars 3 Tech Touch Lightning McQueen 


Signature Moves Lightning McQueen puts fans in the driver's seat and delivers three compelling ways to play! A thrilling new interface lets you and Lightning McQueen do signature moves from Disney Pixar Cars, Cars 2 and Cars 3! You can also design the race you want and play Link the Cones game. The large-scale vehicle features iconic details, colorful design, working lights, a mouth and eyes that move, and a vehicle body that reacts for true fan-to-champ interaction! The LCD touchscreen rear window controls all the action and allows you to direct Lightning McQueen in real pro racing action.

Spider-Man Homecoming Spider-Drone 


Fly the Spider-Drone, just like in the movie Spider-Man Homecoming from Marvel! The Spider-Drone features in all major battle sequences. It has a unique style and design, including all Sky Viper flight assist features.

Spider-Man Web Wheelie Radio Control



Pop a wheelie with Spider-Man as he controls the full function Radio Control driving action with the Spider-Man Web Wheelie Radio Control. The Spider-Man Web Wheelie Radio Control also features 360-degree spinning action, and rear wheels that light up when driving.

Transformers The Last Knight Remote Control Sqweeks


In the explosive Transformers: The Last Knight movie, new heroes must rise in an epic struggle to forge a future for all. Autobot Sqweeks is the smallest of his fellow bots, but his spark shines just as bright. Despite being in disrepair, Autobot Sqweeks perseveres, perpetually motivated to help all living beings. Imagine jumping into Transformers: The Last Knight action with this Autobot Sqweeks RC figure. Autobot Sqweeks RC features motion and sound effects that will inspire fans to want to shout "Chihuahua," like the loveable Autobot Amigo. Prepare this Autobot Sqweeks RC figure for battle by switching him into blaster mode with a movie-inspired blaster accessory. Or activate an energetic boogie-down with music and phrases in dance mode.

Despicable Me 3 Walk’N’Talk Dave


Minion Dave walks, talks and repeats everything you say in his adorable Minion voice. If you talk to him again, he walks again! Your little one will love have the own Minion Walk’N’Talk buddy to get up to mischief with.