Bike Measurement Guide

With lots of bikes to choose from Smyths Toys Superstores is the place to go! We offer bikes for every age from children to teens and adults. Our large selection features everything from alloy frame mountain bikes to popular character bikes such as Frozen, Spider-man, Minions and much more!

At Smyths toys we pride ourselves on the wide range of bikes we have in store but more importantly we pride ourselves on the quality and safety of our bikes. We highly recommend that all children wear a helmet while cycling. We stock a range of adjustable helmets in store to grow with your child.

Choosing the right bike for your child

For a perfect fit we recommend visiting your local Smyths Toys store and one of our staff members will be delighted help you find the right size. But this is not always possible especially if you are purchasing the bike as a gift. So we have developed a Bike Size Guide to help you determine the correct size bike for your child.

Unlike adult bikes which are determined by frame height; kids’ bike sizes are based on wheel diameter and range from 12 -24 inches. The age categories in our size chart below overlap to reflect the ever changing height and strength differences in children as they grow.

Bike Wheel Size Approx. Age Inside Leg Measurement
12" 3-5 yrs 33-38 cm
14" 4-6 yrs 40-50 cm
16" 5-7 yrs 45-55 cm
18" 6-8 yrs 50-60 cm
20" 7-10 yrs 53-65 cm
24" 10-13 yrs 63-75 cm

How the measure the inside leg or inseam?

Getting a proper fit on a balance bike requires one simple measurement, the inseam measurement.

Have them stand straight with their feet slightly apart and back flat to a wall. Measure the length/distance between the floor and their inside leg. This is your inside leg meaurment.