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8 Ways to Bust Boredom (Best Family Board Games)

by Peter Jenkinson



There is evidence that the earliest board games can be traced back over 7,000 years, which is how a marathon session of Monopoly can feel sometimes.
The entire board game, party game, face-to-face games, whatever you might like to call it category has seen a huge resurgence in popularity lately.
Board games suffered a downturn when tablets began to take our attention away and a nation of eyeballs went into solo pursuit mode staring down at our screens.
There are a few factors that have seen the board game scene enjoy resurgence; especially with the arrival of exciting new titles that score high on the fun scale.
Across the nation there are meet-ups, clubs and even dedicated cafes hosting game night gatherings plus new, compelling titles for us to play helping families and friends get together again for some grin-inducing fun.
Everyone will have some kind of memory in their grey matter that has a board game involved. Whether it was all the time you spent trying to piece together that Mouse Trap yet never actually played the game itself to tantrums caused when someone low on funds landed on your Mayfair property, there are tales aplenty about the rise and fall of Monopoly tycoons and their weathered stacks of colourful paper money.
The best board games are the ones where there is a mixture of pick-up-and-play, easy rules and can adapt to all ages so the family can do-away with all things digital and gather for fun. It is good to have a couple that you can increase your knowledge and skills the more you play and then try and choose one that looks a tad tough to get to grips with and learn together as a family how to play and become experts together. Most importantly have fun, but do bear in mind that winning gives you bragging rights so maintain your competitive spirit.
Pie Face

One of the best-selling toys of 2015 Pie Face game requires no skill at all and a generous amount of cream.  The victim, sorry player, puts their face in the space and cream is applied to the games hand. Each person takes turns flicking the spinner and turning the handle the appropriate number of clicks. At some point, and this is totally at random, the hand (and the cream) will be unleashed into the current player’s face.
Pop Up Pirate

This classic board game pits players against each other with the aim of removing the most plastic daggers from the barrel before Jolly Roger takes flight.
Tomy Pop-Up Pirate is guaranteed to give your little ones hours of fun! Take turns to slide your swords into the barrel, but be careful as one wrong move will send Jolly Roger flying!

One of the best family board games around, your task is to guess what card you are wearing on your head–animal, food or object by asking questions to other players.
Play Hedbanz, the quick question game of ‘What am I?’ You never know what you are until you start asking! Figure out if the cartoon on your head is an animal, food or object. Guess what you are and win! Hedbanz, the game where everybody knows but you! Includes 68 clue cards, 6 question cards, 6 headbands, timer & 24 chips. Contents may vary.
Beat The Parents

Inside are over 150 cards that put parents against their children to discover who is the smartest in the household. Parents get asked questions most kids can answer and kids are asked questions most parents can answer. The first to cross the board with all their tokens wins.
Beat the Parents board game will determine if the parents or the kids are the smartest in the house. Parents are asked questions most kids can answer while kids are asked questions most parents can answer. The first player or team to cross the board with all of their tokens wins the game.
Line Up 4

Some skill and strategy is required to get your coloured discs in a row of four before your opponent does just that!
Deluxe Line Up 4  is a board game which requires strategy, skill…and a bit of luck. Arrange 4 counters in a line to win, but watch out as your opponent will try and block you.
Game of Life

The superb Game of Life has each player spinning the wheel and following their on-board fate as they drive along the twisting road. It has been around for over four decades and the basic gameplay has largely been unchanged but the paths that can be taken have been updated. Choose college or a career path, make your money and start a family, its adventure all the way to retirement where the one who gets there first with the most money wins.
Doggie Doo

It’ll likely reduce people of all ages to giggles, you feed the plastic pup and at some point it is time to clean up the poop. The aim of the game is in fact to collect three piles with your scooper, on your turn you pump his lead and see if anything makes an exit from the rear.
Doggie Doo, Europe’s top new action game is a must have for every household. Been nagging mum for a puppy? You may change your mind after cleaning up Doggie Doo with this Doggie Doo Game. It may seem childish but we’ve got to admit it – games about Doggie Doo are just plain funny. So expect plenty of giggles as the greedy pup gobbles up all the treats and poops on the lawn. If it happens on your turn then you better clear it up – the first player to scoop three poops wins! Doggie Doo Game is a roll the dice game. When it’s your turn to feed the pup you get a chance to pump his lead and see if a ‘little present’ follows. The game will appeal to anyone with a cheeky sense of humour.
Hungry Hippos

A fast and furious baord game with up to four players each taking charge of a ravenous Hippo who needs to feed. The most balls collected when the play area is cleared wins.
A frantic marble munching board game that children love. Henry, Harry, Homer and Happy Hippo are hungry. Feed them all of the marbles and see who munches the most!
Do you have a favourite board game you play with the kids? What board game do you remember best as a kid? Do you think board games are more fun than tablets?