Bedside Cribs

Bedside cribs, or co-sleepers, offer a safe and practical way for baby to sleep closer to you. They feature drop sides for easy access to feed and comfort baby. You can check out our range of compatible mattresses to complete your nursery.

The right crib for your child will depend on how long you’d like it to last and where baby will be sleeping. Co-sleepers help keep baby close by your side, while a full-sized cot will grow with your little one. A baby cot bed can be part of your home for years to come, transforming into a toddler bed or day bed as needed. You can find our range of cots and cot beds for when baby is ready to move on from the crib.

If you have the space in your room, a cot can be just right from day one—but cribs and co-sleepers are great choices for those first few months when baby shares your room. A baby crib will take up less floor space in your room and can easily be moved around the house, so you can keep baby close while they snooze. If you’d like to have your little one right by your side at night, a bedside crib could be the right option for you. Co-sleepers like the Next to me crib usually feature a drop side and a base that can be adjusted to match your mattress height for the safest possible co-sleeping. Whether you’re decorating baby’s room, exploring co-sleeping options or need a lightweight crib for gran’s house, you can find something that’s just right for your little one at Smyths Toys.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
What is a co-sleeper?

A co-sleeper, or a bedside crib, allows your baby to sleep close to you for the first few months at your bedside. It easily attaches to your bed using a special strap to keep it securely in position. It can also be used as a standalone crib.