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Call of Duty – Infinite Warfare Sabotage DLC Pack 1

by Smyths Toys

Sabotage is the first DLC pack to be released for Call of Duty Infinite warfare and was released 31.1.2017 on PS4 and will release in March for Xbox One. Included within the pack are four new multiplayer maps and the next chapter in the zombie mode.
The four new maps within this pack are Domination, Renaissance, Neon and Noir.
Noir-Dark futuristic map inspired by a night time Brooklyn, it contains cafes, bars, parks that surround a downtown warzone. Noir is a classic three lane map.
Domination – A reimagining of the classic Afghan map from modern warfare 2 but now set on Mars. It still retains its landmarks and gameplay from the original which is an anchored ship in the middle of the map but with a few enhancements to help with the games new movements.
Renaissance– This map is set in northern Italy and pits players against each other in the narrow streets of Venice.  It contains classic architecture and buildings that promote continuous action through the narrow streets and canals of this iconic city.
Neon – is a virtual training centre designed for urban warfare. It is a unique digitalised map that spawns cars and other structures out of thin air, opponents dissolve into hundreds of pixels when defeated.
Rave in the Redwoods

Rave in the redwoods is the next chapter in the zombie mode. This next chapter sees the players form space land escape the theme park to be thrown into another one of Willard Wyler’s horror films.

The setting for the next one is an abandoned camp set in the wood that turns into a rave party packed with terrifying zombies with a 90’s theme to them.

Kevin Smith actor and director join the cast of the game and with the four protagonists must find a way to escape this zombie fuelled techno nightmare.
The Sabotage DLC pack 1 is available to buy digitally from all Smyths Toy Superstores, either separately for £11.59 or if you buy the Call of Duty Infinite warfare season pass for £39.99 you will get the Sabotage DLC pack 1 plus all other future DLC packs that will be release for the one price.