PlayStation 4 (96)

RC3 Gaming Chair
  • LED illumination under the seat works continuously whilst powered up and provides gaming den cool.
  • Foldable design to reduce the storage space for retailer and customer
  • Selectable dual incline angles for maximum comfort
  • Pocket mesh at the back and on the left side for storing other accessories
  • Storage area in the front
  • Easy access control panel controls speaker volume
  • Connect direct to TV audio for gaming sound or to a mobile device for listening to MP3 music files
Playstation TV PS4
  • Small, sleek and easy to set up
  • Enjoy innovative features and amazing technology in one small, stylish box
  • Never miss a second of your PS4 games no matter who's using the main TV
  • Continue your big-screen gaming adventures without being tied to one TV
  • Simply connect to the TV you wish to use, pick up your DUALSHOCK 4 wireless controller and carry on playing
  • Compact device fits perfectly with any TV in your home
  • Supersize your PS Vita games
  • Buy, rent, or stream movies, TV shows and music from PlayStation Store and view your choice on any TV
  • Perfect for when you can't agree on what to watch!
Metro Redux PS4
Was £27.99 Now £19.99

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