Doc McStuffins (63)

Doc McStuffins Get Better Talking Doc - Mobile Clinic
  • Features motion- activated siren that lights-up and plays the Doc Mobile song.
  • The Doc Mobile is equipped with a working ladder.
  • Future doctors can use the light and sound heart monitor, otoscope, and thermometer to give on-site check-ups and fix boo boos with the bandage sticker dispenser.
  • They can call in their diagnosis using the working CB radio, and then secure their patients for rolling rescue using the stretcher and patient seat!
  • Lambie soft toy (not included).
  • Assembled Dimensions: 27.9l x 44W x 35.5H cm
  • Requires 2 x AA batteries, Demo batterires included.
  • Suitable for ages 3+
  • Includes: bandage sticker dispenser, a working CB radio.
Was £59.99 Now £57.99
Doc McStuffins Doc Check-Up Centre
  • Flip-through the electronic Book of Boo Boos.
  • Comes with lots of fun extras that a little doctor needs
  • Includes check-up centre, Lambie figure, play phone, play scale & pretend knee hammer, pretend syringe & pretend otocsope, 2 x X-Ray slides, sticker dispenser with sticker roll, 3 tool holders.
  • Batteries required 3 x AA and 2 x AAA (Not Included)
Was £79.99 Now £69.99
Doc McStuffins Doctor's Bag Set
  • This 8 piece set has everything your little one needs to take special care of their favourite toys.
  • When they're feeling better, pack it all away into Doc McStuffins Doctors bag until the next patient comes along.
  • Set includes doctor's bag, sticker sheet, play otoscope, play thermometer, play syringe, play blood pressure cuff, stethoscope, play bandage cuff.
Was £16.99 Now £14.99
Doc McStuffins Clinic Playhouse
  • Docs 2 floor clinic playhouse from the show includes sounds, phrases & fun play features
  • Watch Hallie & Lambie jump up and down on the clinic bed and listen to them talk!
  • Play in Docs bedroom on the top floor and then take care of the toys in the clinic on the bottom floor
  • This large Clinic Playhouse comes with Hallie, Lambie & Stuffy, Clinic Table & Clinic Bed, Scale, Hallies reception desk with phone, Docs Bed and lots of fun accessories.
Was £49.99 Now £44.99
Leapster Explorer Disney Doc McStuffins
  • Search Doc's yard for hurt toys and fly them back to the clininic
  • Watch out for new bonus items to collect and obstacles to avoid
  • Then help Doc examine each toy's symptoms with a selection of tools including a stethoscope and magnifying glass during their check-up.
  • Use observation, logic and reasoning skills to make a diagnosis and give each patient the treatment they need.
  • Review each patient's case and replay it by tapping on its page in the Big Book of Boo-Boos.
  • Each of the 24 clever diagnoses build in a fun lesson about health and hygiene, teaching about the importance of hand-washing, teethbrushing and getting fresh air.
  • Earn special bandages for achievements.
  • Create your own designs in the Bandage Art Studio by selecting colours, patterns, stamps and photos.
  • Save up to 10 bandages and then decorate Boo Boo Bear!
  • Works With LeapPad2, LeapPad1, LeapsterGSTM, Leapster Explorer
Doc McStuffins Time for Your Check-Up Interactive Doc and Lambie
  • Doc McStuffins
  • Lambie
  • An Otoscope
  • Thermometer
  • Stethoscope
  • Doctor's Bag
  • Doc McStuffins herself can talk and sing the "Time for Your Check- Up" song, and Lambie can react to Doc's magical checkup tools.
  • Use the stethoscope to listen to Lambies heartbeat or use the otoscope to check her ears!
  • The thermometer can make her giggle, too.
Was £34.99 Now £27.99
Doc McStuffins Dress Up Set
  • Doc's whitle lab coat
  • Name badge with interchangeable inserts
  • Pink headband
  • Stethoscope
Disney Junior Bedding Bundle Doc McStuffin
  • Junior pillow and Pillowcase
  • Junior duvet
  • Character bedding set
  • 3.5 tog
  • To fit a Junior/Toddler bed or Cot Bed
  • Styles may vary
  • Dimensions: 150L X 120W cm
Doc McStuffins Hallie Plush 25cm
  • 5cm Doc McStuffin Hallie plush character.
  • Cute and cuddly, this plush is bright, colourful and high q
  • As seen on the Disney Junior channel
  • Item comes in gift box
  • 4 characters available!
Was £11.99 Now £8.99
Doc McStuffins 3D Playscape
  • This new 3D PlayScape is big enough to immerse children within Doc's world, giving them countless hours of fun and enjoyment.
  • Assembles and stores easily.
  • Comes complete with storage/transport bag so it can be taken anywhere.
Was £29.99 Now £24.99
Doc McStuffins Lambie Boo Boo
  • Make Lambie feel better! Lambie's tummy lights up with a soft red light and you can hear her emit a "pain sound" when she is suffering from a belly ache.
  • Perfect for role play, your favourite soft & cuddly friend comes with a "syringe" that cures Lambie.
  • The soft red light will disappear and a "relief" sound can be heard when Lambie has recovered.
  • Fun cuddly Lambie doubles up as a reassuring night light to take to bed.
  • Gently press her hand and watch her tummy light up as a reassuring and fun night time friend.

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