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Dora Explorer's Backpack
  • Dora's backpack as seen in the hit show!
  • Backpack has everything you’ll need for a day of exploring, including Map, a pretend-play phone, binoculars, camera, passport and a bracelet just like Dora’s!
  • Also included are Isa and Swiper charms that can easily clip-on to Backpack!
  • Lock it up with the included lock & key!
  • Perfect for kid storage!
Was £19.99 Now £15.99
Dora Splash Around Dora and Boots
  • Dora is dressed in a pretty purple bathing suit.
  • Dora's arms and head move, and she twists at the waist.
  • She also comes with her own removable flippers.
  • Boots floats in an inner tube & squirts water! Just fill him with water and give him a squeeze.
  • Includes Dora and Boots.
Dora Vamanos Vacation Van
  • The Fisher-Price® Vámonos Vacation Van opens to reveal everything you need for your trip!
  • The van features a fold-down Map, a pull-out picnic area and a pop-up canopy complete with a lantern and a view of the starry night sky!
  • The van comes with Dora, Boots, chairs, sleeping bags and supplies for a campsite BBQ!
  • When it’s time to set off on your next adventure, simply store everything inside and go!
Was £29.99 Now £19.99
Say it Two Ways Dora
  • Just press the button on Dora’s shirt and she’ll say a phrase in English followed by the Spanish! For example, Dora will say, “In English we say ‘goodbye!’ and “In Spanish, we say ‘¡Adios!’”.
  • Dora also comes with a Backpack play piece.
Was £16.99 Now £12.99
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