LEGO® The Angry Birds™ Movie Playsets

Now you can replay all sorts of adventures from The Angry Birds™ Movie! Just like the movie and the mobile game, LEGO® The Angry Birds Movie playsets have all your favorite characters fighting over the eggs. Can Red help the Angry Birds save their eggs from the pigs? Or will the Pigs have their favorite breakfast after all? Fantastic models with funny features to build, explore and play with in your quest to help the Angry Birds!

LEGO Angry Birds (5)

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LEGO The Angry Birds Movie King Pig's Castle 75826
  • King Pig's Castle has an opening gate, a spiral egg chute, a spinning tower, a collapsible mini-tower and hangar to launch the TNT box with wings
  • Target zones has a Golden Crown Tower with a boulder, a spinning tower, a collapsible tower, a boulder and the hangar
  • Aim the birds at the target zones to collapse the structures
  • Find the eggs at the top of the Golden Crown Tower, and rescue them before they slide down the chute into the cauldron.
  • Catapult Assembled Dimensions: 9L x 6W x 6H cm
  • King Pig's Castle wall Assembled Dimensions: 20L x 30W x 22H cm
  • King Pig's Castle tower Assembled Dimensions: 7L x 10W x 32H cm
  • TNT box with wings Assembled Dimensions: 5L x 9W x 3H cm
  • Contents: Red, Mighty Eagle, King Pig, Chef Pig and Foreman Pig mini figures, 6 eggs, 6 balloons, cauldron, King Leonard's crown and cape, Chef Pig's hat, party table and decorated sign for the eating area, and a toilet
  • Product Piece Count: 859 pieces
£30.00 (was: £74.99)
LEGO The Angry Birds Movie Pig City Teardown 75824
  • Pig City has a zip line, a hot dog stand, a small house and a falling boulder
  • Target zones has a boulder and zip-lining pig, a bridge, a hot dog stand roof and TNT function
  • Aim the birds at the target zones to collapse the structures
  • Hit the boulder to activate the pig on the sliding umbrella zip line
  • Knock the lever above the boulder to make it land on the box of TNT, and use the sticks of dynamite against the pigs
  • Land a bird on to the roof of the hot dog stand to crash it
  • Pig City Assembled Dimensions: 16L x 24W x 21H cm
  • Catapult Assembled Dimensions: 8L x 4W x 6H cm
  • Contents: A Red figure, a Stella figure, 2 piggies figures, a catapult for the birds, an umbrella, 5 eggs, 3 sticks of TNT, TNT storage box, 5 balloons, hot dog plus ketchup and mustard dispensers and a ladder
  • Product Piece Count: 386 pieces
£20.00 (was: £39.99)
LEGO The Angry Birds Movie Piggy Pirate Ship 75825
  • Piggy Pirate Ship has moving paddles and oars, sails, flags, a winch with boulder, a crane with a net, a wheelhouse and a galley with hidden compartment under the deck
  • Launch Red and Bomb using the jetty catapult to land on the Piggy Pirate Ship and take back the eggs
  • Push the ship to activate the rowing oars and paddle wheel
  • Turn the gear to lower the boulder anchor and stop it sailing away
  • Twist the crane's arm to haul up the net containing the eggs
  • Open the window to reveal the hidden TNT, and see the ship's internal pistons in action
  • Piggy Pirate Ship Assembled Dimensions: 30L x 10w X 38H cm
  • Jetty catapult Assembled Dimensions: 7L x 6W x 7H cm
  • Contents: Red, Bomb, Pirate Pig and Leonard figures, jetty catapult, net, boulder, stick of TNT, 4 eggs, pirate hat, Leonard's golden crown, stove, saucepan, water tap, table, food storage box, apple, banana, ice cream and a decorated plate with a recipe
  • Product Piece Count: 620 pieces
£30.00 (was: £59.99)
LEGO The Angry Birds Movie Piggy Plane Attack 75822
  • Piggy Plane has a spinning propeller, landing wheels, a cockpit, a joystick and 2 flick missiles.
  • Use the catapult to launch Red at the Piggy Plane and bring it down to the ground to save the eggs!
  • Create fun scenes with an action twist from The Angry Birds Movie
  • Piggy Plane Assembled Dimensions: 12L x 13W x 9H cm
  • Catapult Assembled Dimensions: 9L x 6W x 5H cm
  • Contents: A Red figure, a Pilot Pig figure, 4 eggs and 2 balloons
  • Product Piece Count: 168 pieces
£10.00 (was: £19.99)
LEGO The Angry Birds Movie Piggy Car Escape 75821
  • Piggy Car has 2 exhaust pipes (one with a flame), a nest, 2 eggs, a flag and an ice cream shooter
  • Send speedy Chuck racing after the Piggy Car to remove the eggs from the nest and bring them back to the flock
  • Create fun action scenes with a twist from The Angry Birds Movie
  • Piggy Car Assembled Dimensions: 16L x 6W x 6H cm
  • Contents: Chuck the Angry Bird figure and a piggy figure
  • Product Piece Count: 74 pieces
£5.00 (was: £11.99)
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