LEGO DC Comics Super Heroes (15)

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LEGO DC Comics Super Heroes Batman Classic TV Series Batcave 76052
  • The Batmobile has a dual cockpit with the iconic Batphone, 2 stud shooters, an opening trunk, dual exhaust pipes and stickers
  • The Batcopter has an opening cockpit for a minifigure, batwings with 2 flick missiles, spinning rotors and a spinning propeller
  • The Batcycle has a driver's seat for Batman, translucent headlight element and a sidecar for Robin
  • The Joker’s chemistry set
  • Batcave assembled dimensions: 20Lx56Wx46Hcm
  • Batmobile assembled dimensions: 21Lx19Wx6Hcm
  • Batcopter assembled dimensions: 22Lx19Wx7Hcm
  • Batcycle assembled dimensions: 8Lx4Wx4Hcm
  • Contains: Batman, Robin, Bruce Wayne, Dick Grayson, Alfred Pennyworth, The Joker, Catwoman, The Riddler and The Penguin minifigures, Batman's 3 Batarangs, rope, grappling hook, handcuffs, Joker's TNT, Catwoman's whip, Riddler's TNT, Penguin’s umbrella
  • Product piece count: 2,526 pieces
£179.99 (was: £229.99)
LEGO DC Comics Super Heroes Batman: Gotham City Cycle Chase 76053
  • The Batcycle has big wheels with rubber tyres, 2 rotating stud shooters and weapon holders for the Batman’s Batarang and grapple-hook gun
  • Harley Quinn’s bike has a big front wheel, rubber tyres, adjustable exhausts and a hinged attachment point for Harley’s hammer to fold out and knock Batman over
  • Batcycle Assembled Dimensions: 15L x 6W x 5H cm
  • Harley Quinn’s bike Assembled Dimensions: 12L x 6W x 8H cm
  • Contents: Batman, Harley Quinn and Deadshot mini figures, Batman’s Batarang and grapple-hook gun, Harley Quinn’s hammer Deadshot’s stud-shooting bazooka and Deadshot’s jetpack accessory element
  • Product Piece Count: 224 pieces
LEGO DC Comics Super Heroes The Batboat Harbour Pursuit 76034
  • Divide the Batboat to ambush Deathstroke!
  • Batboat features 2 split-function hoverboats each with opening cockpits and a stud shooter, 2 flick missiles, secret radar tower with explode function, minifigure seat and control screens, giant batwings, Batman emblem logo and translucent elements
  • Deathstroke’s jetboat features a saddle, integrated Super Jumper, 2 flick torpedo missiles, 2 weapon holders with a gun and sword, and a safe with a chain and 2 diamond elements
  • Accessories include capes for Batman and Robin
  • Fold out the secret radar tower to track Deathstroke
  • Evade the jetboat’s flick torpedo missiles!
  • Launch Batman and Robin in the split-function hover boats!
  • Reclaim the stolen diamonds from the safe!
  • LEGO Batboat dimensions: 23L X 13W X 16H cm
  • Hover boats dimensions: 9L X 5W X 4H cm
£21.99 (was: £29.99)
LEGO DC Comics Super Heroes Batman: Scarecrow Harvest of Fear 76054
  • Batcopter has an opening mini figure cockpit, 4 pop-out stud shooters and a 6-blade spinning rotor
  • Scarecrow's harvester has rotating cutters, an opening translucent-green fear gas tank to capture the farmer and a detachable fear gas stud shooter
  • The farmer's tractor has a steering wheel and an exhaust pipe
  • Batcopter Assembled Dimensions: 31L x 24W x 10H cm
  • Scarecrow's harvester Assembled Dimensions: 20L x 13W x 8H cm
  • Tractor Assembled Dimensions: 8L x 6W x 4H cm
  • Contents: Gas Mask Batman, Blue Beetle, Scarecrow, Killer Moth and a farmer mini figure, Gas Mask Batman's gas mask and cape, Scarecrow's hat, Blue Beetle's power element and Killer Moth's mask and a comic book!
  • Product Piece Count: 563 pieces
LEGO DC Comics Super Heroes Jokerland 76035
  • Activate Batman’s Super Jumper to knock The Penguin off his perch!
  • Rescue rookie heroes from the horrifying Jokerland!
  • The Joker ride features a clown face with tilting hat, rolling eyes, mouth with podium for The Joker, slide, poison pool chamber and a mirror house
  • Poison Ivy ride features 3 seats, man-eating plant with snapping jaws, and handcuffs
  • Harley Quinn ride with bike, attachment underneath for captured passenger, handcuffs, Super-Jumper-activated bike launch function and translucent flame elements
  • The Penguin ride features rear-wheel-operated rotating duck seats, The Penguin’s podium with Super-Jumper-activated-toppling function, penguin, handcuffs, 3 dynamite sticks and transparent ice elements
  • Batmobile features an opening cockpit, 2 spring-loaded missiles, 2 rear stud shooters, giant batwings and Batman emblem logo
  • Evade cannonballs fired by the clown robot
  • Joker ride dimensions: 9L X 29H X 23W cm
  • Penguin dimensions: 7L X 12W X 15H cm
LEGO DC Comics Super Heroes Kryptonite Interception 76045
  • Contents: Batman and 2 LexCorp henchmen mini figures, a Batmobile, a forklift, stud shooters, henchman’s stud-shooting bazooka and Batman’s silver Batarang
  • Product Piece Count: 306 pieces
LEGO DC Comics Super Heroes Batman: Killer Croc Sewer Smash 76055
  • Bat-Tank features a deployable ram weapon, an opening mini figure cockpit, 6-stud shooter and rolling track wheels
  • Killer Croc's Battle Chomper has the detachable Killer Croc big figure, movable jaws and tail, and a lookout tower for Captain Boomerang with a boomerang shooter
  • Bat-Tank Assembled Dimensions: 29L x 17W x 9H cm
  • Killer Croc's Chomper Assembled Dimensions: 27L x 16W x 4H cm
  • Motorbike Assembled Dimensions: 6L x 2W x 4H cm
  • Contents: Batman, Red Hood, Captain Boomerang and Katana mini figures, Killer Croc big figure , Red Hood's 2 guns, Katana's sword and Captain Boomerang's 2 boomerangs , Batman's mask and cape, a comic book
  • Product Piece Count: 759 pieces
LEGO DC Comics Super Heroes Gorilla Grodd goes Bananas 76026
  • Protect the truck driver from banana-hungry Gorilla Grodd!
  • Help Lego DC Comics Super Heroes save Gotham City with the Bat-Mech, Super Jumper and Invisible Jet as Gorilla Grodd goes Bananas!
  • Bat-Mech features giant bat wings, posable arms and legs, net shooter, 2 stud shooters and cockpit with Super Jumper launch mode
  • Invisible Jet features an opening cockpit, ‘invisible’ flame exhausts and 2 spring-loaded missiles
  • Truck features drivers cabin, crates of bananas and collapse mode
  • Bat-Mech Assembled Dimensions: 8L x 21W x 18H cm
  • Invisible Jet Assembled Dimensions: 17L x 22W x 6H cm
  • Truck Assembled Dimensions: 9L x 4W x 6H cm
  • Contents: The Flash, Wonder Woman, Batman, Captain Cold and truck driver,minifigures with assorted weapons and accessories,a Gorilla Grodd figure and Batman’s Super Jumper and Captain Cold’s Devastating Ice Shooter
  • Suitable for ages 6-12 years
LEGO DC Comics Super Heroes Mighty Micros: Robin vs. Bane 76062
  • Robin’s Mighty Micros car has turning wheels and translucent light elements
  • Bane’s Mighty Micros driller has a rotating drill, turning wheels, plus translucent light and flame elements
  • Robin’s Mighty Micros car Assembled Dimensions: 5L x 4W x 2H cm
  • Bane’s Mighty Micros driller Assembled Dimensions: 9L x 4W x 5H cm
  • Contents: Robin and Bane mini figures, Robin’s grapple-hook gun and Bane’s dynamite element
  • Product Piece Count: 77 pieces
LEGO DC Comics Super Heroes Green Lantern vs. Sinestro 76025
  • Zoom into orbit and recover Green Lantern’s lantern!
  • Reclaim the lantern from Sinestro in LEGO DC Comics Super Heroes Green Lantern vs. Sinestro with the construct spaceship and Super Jumper.
  • Construct spaceship features an opening cockpit, 2 stud shooters, 2 spring-loaded shooters with rear control and translucent green elements
  • Cage features a plinth for the lantern and explode function
  • Accessories include Space Batman’s space wings and exclusive new Super Jumper and Sinestro’s translucent yellow power staff
  • Suitable for ages 6-12 years
  • Construct spaceship Assembled Dimensions: 18L x 16W x 4H cm
  • Cage Assembled Dimensions: 4L x 4W x 11H cm
  • Contents: Green Lantern, Space Batman and Sinestro minifigures with accessories
  • Batteries Not Required
LEGO DC Comics Super Heroes Clash of the Heroes 76044
  • Activate Superman’s Super Jumper to knock down the rooftop barrier
  • Armoured Batman has glow-in-the-dark eyes and comes with an armoured suit
  • The skyscraper rooftop mini build has a rotating and exploding Bat-Signal, a detachable barrier, an Armoured Batman mini figure launch stick function and translucent elements
  • 3-in-1 buildable stud-shooting bazooka weapon can be converted into 2 smaller guns: a stud-shooting gun and a grapple hook gun
  • Skyscraper rooftop mini build Assembled Dimensions: 18L x 12W x 11H cm
  • Contents: Armoured Batman and Superman mini figures, Armoured Batman’s silver Batarang, his 3-in-1 buildable stud-shooting bazooka weapon and a comic book
  • Product Piece Count: 92 pieces
LEGO DC Comics Super Heroes Mighty Micros: Batman vs. Catwoman 76061
  • Batman’s Mighty Micros Batmobile has turning wheels, Batman logo, plus translucent lights and exhaust flame elements
  • Catwoman’s Mighty Micros car has a cat-face design at the front, a cat’s tail, plus translucent lights and exhaust flame elements
  • Join a wacky car chase with Batman and Catwoman
  • Batman’s Mighty Micros Batmobile Assembled Dimensions: 5L x 4W x 3H cm
  • Catwoman’s Mighty Micros car Assembled Dimensions: 6L x 4W x 5H cm
  • Contents: Batman and Catwoman mini figures, Batman’s Batarang, Catwoman’s stolen carton of milk and diamond-style translucent element
  • Product Piece Count: 79 pieces

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