LEGO Movie (15)

LEGO Movie MetalBeards Sea Cow 70810
  • Steer the ship with the mini MetalBeard with sword and treasure chest. Rotate the giant side turbines. Fire the cannons to fend off attackers
  • Includes double-decker couch featured in the LEGO Movie
  • Includes 4 minifigures: Benny, Emmet, Vitruvius and Wyldstyle
  • Assembled Dimesnsions: 50L X60W X 27H cm
  • Suitability 14 +
LEGO The Movie PS3
Was £21.99 Now £14.99
Lego Movie Bad Cop Car Chase 70819
  • Escape with Wyldstyle and leave Bad Cop kicking his chair!
  • Help Wyldstyle to escape in The Lego Movie Bad Cop Car Chase with Bad Cop police car, Super Secret Police motorbike and Bad Cop’s chair.
  • Bad Cop Super Secret Police car features a driver’s seat and an opening roof
  • Super Secret Police motorbike features huge wheels, an open cockpit, megaphone, gun and searchlight elements
  • Weapons include Bad Cop’s stud shooter and a Robo SWAT laser-style shooter. Accessories include Bad Cop’s chair and megaphone
  • Suitable for ages 7-14 years
  • Bad Cop’s Super Secret Police car Assembled Dimensions:15L x 6W x 4H cm
  • Super Secret Police motorbike Assembled Dimensions: 10L x 5W x 3H cm
  • Contents: Wyldstyle, Bad Cop and 2 Robo SWATs minifigures with weapons and accessories
  • Batteries Not Required
Was £24.99 Now £22.99
LEGO Movie Super Secret Police Dropship 70815
  • Includes 8 minifigures with weapons and accessories: Emmet, Batman, Green Ninja, Johnny Thunder and 4 Robo SWATs
  • Features a dual cockpit with removable windshield, rear control- operated rotating rocket boosters, 2 stud blasters, rotating roof-mounted rifle, switch-operated extendable zip line, translucent red and blue police lights, opening back door/ramp
  • Weapons include 4 blasters, 2 golden swords, a pistolnd a Batarang and Accessories include the Piece of Resistance, 2 handcuffs and 2 night-vision goggles
  • Rotate the rocket boosters for launch and fly mode
  • Slide open the side panel to access the weapon rack
  • Extend the zip line to lower the Robo SWATs to the ground
  • Take aim with the rotating front cannons and roof-mounted rifle
  • Capture the Master Builders in the removable prison
  • Watch The LEGO Movie to see all your favorite characters in action
Was £69.99 Now £54.99
LEGO Movie Super Cycle Chase 70808
  • Includes 5 minifigures with assorted weapons and accessories: Emmet, Wyldstyle and 3 Robo SWATs
  • Wyldstyle’s Dragster features 2 seats, a huge rear wheel and translucent exhaust flames
  • Robo Police SWAT car features removable roof, gun holder, flip-out flick missiles and opening trunk with dynamite
  • Weapons include 2 blasters, 2 dynamite sticks and handcuffs
  • Accessories include police helmets, SWAT vests and the Piece of Resistance
  • Leap over the roll-out spike strip road block!
  • Chas Emmet and Wyldstyle with the Robo Police’s 4x4 SWAT car
  • Open the SWAT car trunk and drop the dynamite
  • Watch The LEGO Movie to see all your favorite characters in action
LEGO Movie Emmet's Construct-o-Mech 70814
  • Includes 3 minifigures with accessories: Emmet and 2 Skeletron plus an Angry Kitty figure
  • Features opening cockpit, 2 cranes with twin wrecking balls, posable arms and legs, arm with rotating roller, arm with opening excavator bucket, 2 cement mixers and rubber tread tires
  • Open the cockpit and place Emmet inside
  • Pose the arms and legs of Emmet’s mighty Construct-o-Mech
  • Rotate the roller
  • Scoop up Skeletrons in the excavator bucket!
  • Swing thewrecking balls
  • Watch The LEGO Movie to see all your favorite characters in action
Was £49.99 Now £44.99
LEGO The Movie 3DS
Was £19.99 Now £14.99
LEGO Movie Cloud Cuckoo Palace 70803
  • Includes 3 minifigures and accessories: Emmet, Wyldstyle and Executron, and 2 figures: Unikitty and a snail
  • Features Cloud Cuckoo Palace with bright-yellow sun, fresh flowers and multi-colored twirling discs
  • Accessories include handcuffs and a red stud tracking device
  • Get creative with Unikitty and her Master Builder friends
  • Shoot flowers from the flower catapult to fend off Executron
  • Watch The LEGO Movie to see all your favorite characters in action
Lego Movie Batman & Super Angry Kitty Attack 70817
  • Battle the Micro Manager with Super Angry Kitty and Batman
  • Recreate The Lego Movie Batman & Super Angry Kitty Attack on the Micro Manager with flick missiles, grabbing claws and explode function.
  • Suitable for ages 6-12 years
  • Contents:Batman minifigure with weapons, plus 2 figures: Super Angry Kitty and a Skeletron with a weapon.
  • Batteries Not Required
The Lego Movie Emmet Keylight
  • Lego Emmet minifigure has 2 bright LED lights that you can move to point the way, and a sturdy, metal key ring.
  • Simply press the chest plate to switch on the LED lights in both feet.
  • Includes posable arms and light-angling legs
  • Momentary switch which saves battery life.
LEGO Movie Uni Kitty Keylight
  • This figure has 2 bright LED lights that you can move to point the beams in different directions, and a sturdy metal key ring
  • Press the button to light the way and let Unikitty lead you out of the dark!
  • Includes posable arms and light-angling legs
  • This key light features an auto shut off feature after 15 seconds to save battery power
LEGO Movie Melting Room 70801
  • Includes 3 minifigures with assorted weapons: Emmet, Wyldstyle and a Robo SWAT
  • Features hi-tech, tilting, rotating laser machine with control dashboard and adjustable laser
  • Weapons include a blaster and an axe
  • Also includes handcuffs
  • Laser-zap the Piece of Resistance from Emmet’s back
  • Watch The LEGO Movie to see all your favorite characters in action

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