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LEGO Minecraft The Iron Golem 21123
  • Launch a surprise attack on the zombie with the secret iron golem pop-up function
  • Mine iron ore with your diamond pickaxe, melt it in the furnace and use the crafting table to create iron blocks
  • Stack the blocks and add the pumpkin head to create the iron golem
  • Assembled Dimensions: 15L x 19W x 8H cm
  • Contents: An Alex and a zombie mini figures, an iron golem, a baby pig, Alex’s pickaxe, a buildable torch and a pumpkin
  • Product Piece Count: 208 pieces
LEGO Minecraft The Wither 21126
  • Put on your iron armour, grab your bow and prepare for battle
  • Look out for the wither skeletons with their stone swords
  • Build the TNT cannon and open fire on the nether fortress
  • The nether fortress includes a tumbling wall function
  • Fold out the set to create more rooms
  • Assembled Dimensions: 15L x 19W x 8H cm
  • Contents: Steve, a wither and 2 wither skeletons min figures, a now, 2 swords, armour, a helmet, 2 blocks of TNT, a fire, a nether quartz ore and a nether wart
  • Product Piece Count: 318
LEGO Minecraft The Fortress 21127
  • Easy-to-rebuild modular design with 3 alternative model configurations
  • Minecraft fortress has a large pressure-plate doors, lookout towers, decorative Creeper banners, barred windows, water and farm areas and a prison with door-opening function
  • Press the pressure plate to open the fortress doors. Load up the cannons and defend The Fortress
  • Light the fires and torches to ward off the approaching skeleton army
  • Weapons include 5 swords and 3 skeleton bows
  • Accessory elements include Steve's golden armor and golden helmet,armor stand, armor, helmet, crafting table, weapons chest and a hay bale
  • Product Piece Count: 984 pieces
  • Assembled Dimensions: 34L x 33W x 16H cm
  • Contents: A Steve minifigure, a horse, sheep and 3 skeletons
  • Batteries Not Required
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