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LEGO Minecraft Crafting Box 21116
  • Includes a Steve minifigure with an accessory, plus a skeleton and a mooshroom
  • Features redstone and lapis elements, plus torches, plants, oven, TNT, and mature wheat
  • Includes skeleton’s bow
  • Includes 521 assorted LEGO pieces
  • Build your own LEGO Minecraft creations!
  • Rebuild using the 8-in-1 building instructions or inspirational images and scenarios for more LEGO® Minecraft™ adventures
  • Assembled Dimensions: 10L X 31W X 22H cm
£39.99 (was: £49.99)
LEGO Minecraft The Ender Dragon 21117
  • Includes a Steve minifigure with assorted weapons and accessories and 3 Endermen
  • Features a sand island, Ender Dragon, dragon egg, light-brick Ender Crystals, and obsidian pillar elements
  • Weapons include a sword and a bow
  • Accessories include armor and a helmet
  • Includes 634 assorted LEGO pieces
  • Experience the ultimate battle
  • Slay the fearsome Ender Dragon!
  • The perfect gift for fans of LEGO building and Minecraft
£43.99 (was: £59.99)
LEGO Minecraft The End Portal 21124
  • Library has bookshelves, a slab alter and an End portal
  • Put on your diamond armour, grab your diamond sword and enter the secret stronghold
  • Defeat the spider and grab the chest containing diamonds, red stone and an iron ingot
  • Activate the portal function to transport Steve to the End
  • Fold out the stronghold to create more rooms
  • Assembled Dimensions: 19L x 25W x 11H cm
  • Contents: A Steve, 2 endermen and a cave spider mini figures, a pickaxe tool element, a sword, armour, a helmet, a chest, an ingot, eyes of ender, a spider web, an emerald-coloured ore and diamond-style elements
  • Product Piece Count: 559 pieces
£39.99 (was: £49.99)
LEGO Minecraft The Nether Fortress 21122
  • Includes 3 minifigures with assorted weapons and accessories: Steve, Alex and a Zombie Pigman, plus a Blaze and a Ghast
  • Features a Nether portal with light-up effect, 2 brick-built glow-in-the-dark glowstone elements, Ghast with changeable expression and fireball-shooting function, lava flow function, 3 brick-built portable fires, mushroom and Nether wart elements
  • Fortress bridge can be set to 90 or 180 degrees for an alternative build
  • Number of pieces: 571
  • Light your way with the glow-in-the-dark glowstone
  • Shoot fireballs from the Ghast’s mouth
  • Dimensions: 12L X 40W X 18H cm
  • Combine this biome with others in the series to create your own LEGO Minecraft world
£52.99 (was: £69.99)
LEGO Minecraft The Desert Outpost 21121
  • Includes 2 minifigures with assorted weapons and accessories: Steve and Alex, plus a wolf and 2 skeletons
  • Features a fortress with house and lookout tower, TNT launch and explode function, buildable boat, crafting table, door, ladder, 4 buildable torches, buildable redstone torch, buildable cactus and wheat and sugar cane elements
  • House features an opening door and removable roof for access to the interior
  • Number of Pieces: 519
  • Accessory elements include skeleton’s armour
  • Sail out in search of supplies
  • Launch the TNT to defeat the skeleton army
  • Dimensions: 34L X 27W X 11H cm
  • Suitability 8+
  • Combine this biome with others in the series to create your own LEGO Minecraft world
£44.49 (was: £59.99)
LEGO Minecraft The First Night 21115
  • Includes a Steve minifigure with a weapon and assorted accessories, plus a Creeper™ and a pig
  • Features a shelter, fence, bed, oven, crafting table, chest, plants and a tree
  • Shelter is hinged to allow access to its interior and features a removable garden-roof that can be used to expand the exterior play area
  • Accessories include bread, pickaxe and an axe
  • Includes 408 assorted LEGO pieces
  • Build to survive!
  • Watch out for the hissing Creeper!
  • The perfect gift for fans of LEGO building and Minecraft
  • Combine with The Farm and other sets in the series for an even bigger LEGO Minecraft adventure!
£31.99 (was: £39.99)
LEGO Minecraft The Cave 21113
  • Features waterfall, lavafall, coal, iron, redstone, gold, and obsidian elements, plus TNT, torch and a ladder
  • Accessories include a pickaxe, chest and bread
  • Combine this set with others in the series to create your own LEGO Minecraft world
  • Suitable for ages 8+
  • Contents: 249 assorted LEGO pieces, a spider, a zombie and Steve minifigures with assorted accessories
LEGO Minecraft The Iron Golem 21123
  • Launch a surprise attack on the zombie with the secret iron golem pop-up function
  • Mine iron ore with your diamond pickaxe, melt it in the furnace and use the crafting table to create iron blocks
  • Stack the blocks and add the pumpkin head to create the iron golem
  • Assembled Dimensions: 15L x 19W x 8H cm
  • Contents: An Alex and a zombie mini figures, an iron golem, a baby pig, Alex’s pickaxe, a buildable torch and a pumpkin
  • Product Piece Count: 208 pieces
LEGO Minecraft The Snow Hideout 21120
  • Includes a Steve minifigure with assorted accessories, plus a Creeper with explode function and a Snow Golem with snowball-shooting function
  • Features a shelter with opening door, netherrack fireplace, crafting table, bucket, 2 buildable torches and snowy tree, plus transparent ice block elements and 2 brick-built coal ores
  • Number of pieces: 327 Pieces
  • Look out for the exploding Creeper
  • Activate the Snow Golem’s shooting function
  • Rebuild for more Minecraft creations
  • Dimensions: 23L X 28W X 8H cm
  • Combine this biome with others in the series to create your own LEGO Minecraft world
£31.99 (was: £39.99)
LEGO Minecraft The Jungle Tree House 21125
  • Grab your iron sword, don your helmet and defend the jungle tree house against the invading mobs
  • Surprise the skeleton with the secret trapdoor
  • Activate the floor trap function to foil the exploding Creeper attack
  • Make a quick getaway on the waterfall slide
  • Remodel the set by moving the top section of the house onto the sheep pen
  • Assembled Dimensions: 26L x 30W x 22H cm
  • Contents: Steve and Alex mini figures, a Creeper, a skeleton, an ocelot and a sheep min figures, an axe, a pickaxe, a sword, a bow, a helmet, a pair of armoured leggings, a crafting table, a bed, a fire, bucket, cocoa pods, wheat, cookies and 4 flowerpots
  • Product Piece Count: 706
£72.49 (was: £74.99)
LEGO Minecraft The Farm 21114
  • Includes a Steve minifigure with an accessory, plus a skeleton, cow and a sheep
  • Features a crafting table, pumpkin helmet, 2 torches, fences, waterfall, sugar cane, pre-mature and mature wheat, carrots, tree, and a chest
  • Includes skeleton’s bow and a shovel
  • Includes 262 assorted LEGO pieces
  • Experience The Farm
  • Nurture precious crops and supplies
  • Watch out for the evil skeleton!
  • The perfect gift for fans of LEGO building and Minecraft
LEGO Minecraft The Dungeon 21119
  • Includes 3 minifigures with assorted accessories: Steve and 2 zombies
  • The Dungeon features a spawner with rotating function, secret opening wall where zombies can spring a surprise attack, chest with wheat and redstone elements, 3 buildable torches, brick-built cactus, moss stone block element and a gold ore element
  • Sand-colored roof section can be removed and added to bottom section to enlarge the playing area or rebuilt into a set of stairs for exiting the dungeon
  • Experience The Dungeon!
  • Launch a surprise zombie attack
  • Pieces: 219
  • Dimensions: 17L X 19W X 9H cm
  • Combine this biome with others in the series to create your own LEGO Minecraft world
  • Suitability 8+
£16.99 (was: £19.99)

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