LEGO Juniors (14)

LEGO Juniors DC Comics Super Heroes Batman & Superman vs. Lex Luthor 10724
  • Batcave has a bat-disk shooter plus a catapult to help make Superman ‘fly'
  • Batmobile has rolling wheels and space for a mini figure
  • Robotic vehicle has movable arms and wheels. One arm has a claw and the other holds a kryptonite-powered Power Beam laser gun
  • Press the catapult to launch Superman into the sky
  • Batmobile Assembled Dimensions: 11L x 5W x 5H cm
  • Lex Luthor's robotic vehicle Assembled Dimensions: 13L x 13W x 6H cm
  • Batcave Assembled Dimensions: 7L x 12W x 9H cm
  • Contents: Batman, Superman and Lex Luthor mini figures, 2 bat-disks, Batarang, grappling gun, kryptonite pistol, walkie-talkie and a phone
  • Product Piece Count: 164 pieces
LEGO Juniors Batman vs Mr Freeze 10737
  • Batboat has an opening minifigure cockpit and bat-disc shooter, ice speeder and an opening ice jail with a crystal element
  • Batboat floats!
  • Product Piece Count: 63 pieces
  • Batboat Assembled Dimensions: 15L x 5W x 5H cm
  • Ice speeder Assembled Dimensions: 8L x 3W x 4H cm
  • Ice jail Assembled Dimensions: 3L x 3W x 7H cm
  • Contents: Batman and Mr. Freeze minifigures, a walkie-talkie and two bat-discs, Mr. Freeze's freeze gun with ice crystal and Batman´s Batarang
LEGO Juniors Ninjago Lost Temple 10725
  • Includes 3 mini figures: Lloyd, Jay and a snake villain
  • Features The Lost Temple, Jay’s blue dragon and the snake villain’s helicopter
  • Lost Temple features lava ball, swinging axe and spinning saw blade obstacles, opening gate and the Sword of Fire
  • Jay’s blue dragon features posable joints and space for a mini figure
  • Snake villain’s helicopter features spinning rotors, opening cockpit and rear door, and space for a mini figure
  • Easy-to-follow building instructions included
  • Helicopter measures over 8cm high, 11cm long and 3cm wide
  • Blue dragon measures over 4cm high, 18cm long and 23cm wide
  • Lost Temple measures over 13cm high, 16cm wide and 16cm deep
LEGO Juniors Marvel Super Heroes Spider-Man Hideout 10687
  • Includes: Spider-Man hideout, Spider-Man’s helicopter, Green Goblin’s air glider, a police motorbike and 3 minifigures
  • Helicopter features a turning rotor, opening cockpit window and a trunk
  • Accessories include Spider-Man’s web and string, Green Goblin’s pumpkin shooter, traffic lights and newspaper stacks to shoot at
  • Quick start elements get the play started sooner
  • Spider-Man Hideout dimensions: 10L X 16W X 13H cm
  • Spider-Man’s helicopter dimensions: 13L X 10W X 9H cm
  • Air glider dimensions: 7L X 4W X 8H cm
  • Suitability 4+
LEGO Juniors Demolition Site 10734
  • Dump truck has a minifigure cab and tilting open-box bed
  • Digger has an elevating front bucket and lifting back arm, and an opening cage on the minifigure cab
  • Demolition crane has a stand with a ladder at the back, rotating seat for a minifigure and a rotating arm with wrecking ball
  • Building has a door with frame, roof and wall that can be knocked down with the demolition crane
  • Product Piece Count:175 pieces
  • Building Assembled Dimensions: 4L x 4W x 8H cm
  • Dump truck with open-box bed down Assembled Dimensions: 13L x 6W x 8H cm
  • Digger with arm raised Assembled Dimensions: 20L x 6W x 13H cm
  • Demolition crane with ball retracted Assembled Dimensions: 8L x 5W x 13H cm
  • Contents: 3 construction crew minifigures, tools, two roadblock signs, cones, building bricks and a walkie-talkie
LEGO Juniors Friends Emma's Ice Cream Truck 10727
  • Set comes with larger pieces to fit small hands, plus simple-to-understand building instructions
  • The pieces come in numbered bags to make the building process easier
  • Ice cream truck Assembled Dimensions: 13L x 7W x 9H cm
  • Table with parasol and seats Assembled Dimensions: 4l x 6W x 7H cm
  • Contents: Andrea and Emma mini-doll figures, a puppy, ice cream and cones, ice pops, basket, ice cream sign and display, camera, handbag, sunglasses and banknotes, a table with parasol and seats
  • Product Piece Count: 136 pieces
LEGO Juniors Disney Anna & Elsa's Frozen Playground 10736
  • Ice palace has two levels, a slide, treasure chest, snowball catapult and a rotating fountain.
  • Fill the catapult and launch the snowballs into the air
  • Slide down the ice slide with the polar bear cub to the frozen playground below
  • Cozy up on the bench with a hot drink after some snowy fun
  • Product Piece Count: 94 pieces
  • Ice palace Assembled Dimensions: 15L x 20W x 18H cm
  • Contents: Anna and Elsa mini-doll figures and a polar bear cub, a pair of skis, ice skates, polar bear cookies, two cups and a bottle, two ice crystals and two snowballs
LEGO Juniors Disney Princess Ariel’s Dolphin Carriage 10723
  • Includes mini-doll: Ariel
  • Includes Flounder and a dolphin (70 pieces)
  • Features Ariel’s carriage, with rolling wheels and seat
  • Includes castle with a seat and vanity with drawer, shell chair and some bigger pieces that make building easier
  • Easy-to-follow instructions help make building fun
  • Accessories include starfish hair flowers, crown, hairbrush
  • Castle measures over 11cm high, 6cm wide and 8cm deep
  • Carriage with dolphin measures over 5cm high, 10cm long and 4cm wide
LEGO Juniors Mia's Farm Suitcase 10746
  • Easy to Build farm pickup vehicle has rear storage area, stable with opening gate for the foal and a pen for the lamb
  • The LEGO Juniors suitcase lets you build and play on the move
  • Accessory Contents: a carrot with food bin, apple, wheelbarrow, comb, feeding bottle, shovel, rake, water tap, two ribbons, red and green flowers, bowl and four hay bales
  • Product Piece Count: 100 pieces
  • Suitcase Assembled Dimensions: 6L x 28W x 26H cm
  • Pickup vehicle Assembled Dimensions: 9L x 4W x 4H cm
  • Stable Assembled Dimensions: 10L x 9W x 8H cm
  • Contents: a Mia mini-doll figure, plus foal and lamb figures
LEGO Juniors Friends Mia's Vet Clinic 10728
  • Set comes with larger pieces to fit small hands and simple-to-understand building instructions
  • The pieces come in numbered bags to make the building process easier
  • Vet Clinic has veterinary supplies, table to set the animals on, and a wheeled stretcher
  • Ambulance has an opening door at the back and rolling wheels
  • Ambulance Assembled Dimensions: 10L x 4W x 12H cm
  • Vet Clinic Assembled Dimensions: 16L x 11W x 12H cm
  • Contents: Mia and Olivia mini-doll figures, a rabbit, baby rabbit, cat, turtle, a hedgehog, a stethoscope, otoscope, thermometer, feeding bottles, medicine spoon, clipboard and pen, ice pack, syringe and animal food
  • Product Piece Count: 173 pieces
LEGO Juniors Fire Patrol Suitcase 10740
  • Easy to Build fire pickup with rear storage compartment and trailer with adjustable cherry picker, motorcycle and an abandoned house with opening door and windows
  • Attach the trailer to the fire pickup and race to the abandoned house
  • The LEGO Juniors suitcase lets you build and play on the move!
  • Product Piece Count: 110 pieces
  • Suitcase Assembled Dimensions: 6L x 28W x 26H cm
  • Fire pickup with trailer Assembled Dimensions: 20L x 5W x 7H cm cherry picker lowered Assembled Dimensions: 18L x 5W x 20H cm
  • Motorcycle Assembled Dimensions: 6L x 3W x 3H cm
  • Abandoned house and baseplate Assembled Dimensions: 4L x 6W x 7H cm
  • Contents: 2 firefighter minifigures, translucent-orange flames and translucent-blue water, two oxygen tanks, axe, handsaw and two fire extinguishers
LEGO Juniors Police Truck Chase 10735
  • Police truck has s a holding cell in the back that opens from the top with space for a minifigure and a roadblock with a swinging gate
  • Motorbike has space for a minifigure
  • With bigger pieces and a simple guide, these Easy to Build models get kids building and playing quickly
  • Product Piece Count: 90 pieces
  • Police truck Assembled Dimensions: 13L x 6W x 8H cm
  • Motorbike Assembled Dimensions: 6L x 3W x 5H cm
  • Roadblock Assembled Dimensions: 3L x 6W x 2H cm
  • Contents: a police officer and a crook mini figures, a jewel, handcuffs and a walkie-talkie

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