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LEGO Ninja Turtles The Movie Turtle Van Takedown 79115
  • Includes 4 minifigures with weapons: Vern, Foot Soldier, Raphael and Michelangelo
  • Turtle Van features a removable roof, computer and screen, 2 fold-out side flick missiles, 2 roof flick missiles, satellite dish, hook and a winch
  • Barricade gate features moveable arm plus crash break and blow-up functions, spotlight and surveillance camera
  • Also includes stretcher with mechanical arms
  • Assembled Dimensions: 38.1 X 26 X 5.8cm
LEGO Turtles Mutation Chamber Unleashed 79119
  • Includes 2 minifigures with weapons and accessories: Victor and Raphael, and a Spider Bytez figure
  • Mutation Chamber features a mutation function knob, spinning electrodes, opening front entrance, ladder and translucent elements
  • Include 2 sai weapons
  • Accessories include 2 ooze canisters and a mobile phone
  • Also includes a small spider
  • Climb the ladder to get to the top of the Mutation Chamber
  • Spin the electrodes and make Victor fall into the Chamber
  • Turn the switch activatethe muttion!
  • Evade the huge grabbing claws of Spider Bytez
LEGO Mutant Ninja Turtles Turtle Lair Invasion 79117
  • Includes 6 minifigures with weapons: Splinter, Donatello, Leonardo, Shredder and 2 Foot Soldiers
  • Turtle Lair features a hidden door, lockable sewer entrance door, ladder, trap with barrel-dropping function, surveillance room, walkways, slide with lever-activated elevation, fan room with exploding wall, weapon storage, convertible training platform wi
  • Weapons include 2 silver swords, 2 machine guns, golden swordand a bo staff
  • Practice knocking out Foot Soldiers on the training platform, or flip it down to create a skateboard ramp
  • Defend the manhole and hidden door entrances to the Lair
  • Press the lever to raise the slide and stop the Foot Soldiers getting in
  • Track Shredder’s movements from the surveillance room
  • Leap between walkways to intercept intruders
  • Grab the weapons to protect the Turtles’ home
  • Don’t let the Foot Soldiers explode the wall of the fan room
LEGO Ninja Turtles The Movie Big Rig Snow Getaway 79116
  • Includes 6 minifigures with weapons and an accessory: April O’Neil, Raphael, Leonardo, Karai and 2 Foot Soldiers
  • Big Rig truck features a detachable driver’s cabin with removable roof, removable mobile lab with experimental machine, computer and cupboard containing 3 bottles for fluids,
  • syringe and binoculars, weapon rack on side doors, opening side doors and roof, 5 ooze barrels and rear barrel-tipping function
  • SUV features a removable roof, hidden flick missiles and unfolding function
  • Weapons include 2 black swords, 2 silver swords, 2 sai, a machine gun and a gun with night glass
LEGO Turtles Turtle Sub Undersea Chase 79121
  • Includes 4 minifigures with weapons and accessories: Donatello, Leonardo, 2 Kraangs, plus a Leatherhead figure
  • Turtle Sub features a detachable top shell, opening cockpit, control panels, shooter, flapping fins, periscope, weapons, armory storage, exercise bike and an opening hatch to remove the mini sub
  • Mini Kraang sub features a flick missile shooter, computer dashboard, power cell and translucent elements
  • Weapons include 2 swords, 2 harpoons and a bo staff
  • Remove the top shell to access all the supercool features of the Turtle Sub
  • Spin the propeller and power after the mini Kraang sub
  • Swerve away from the mini Kraang sub’s flick missiles
  • Grab a weapon from the armory and stage an underwater Turtle vs. The Kraang battle
  • Open the hatch and unleash the mini sub to create double Turtle trouble for the mini Kraang sub
RRP £59.99 £57.99
LEGO Turtles T-Rawket Sky Strike 79120
  • Includes 4 minifigures with weapons and accessories: Donatello, Michelangelo, Mutated Dr. O’Neil and The Kraang
  • T-Rawket features an ejector seat with glider, 2 control panels, pizza shooter, pizza, canister with mutagen bomb neutralizer, flick missile and a translucent flame exhaust
  • Kraang Ship features a cockpit, control panel, 2 side flick missiles, lever-operated ooze barrel dropper, 2 ooze barrels, and translucent elements
  • Weapons include a bo staff and a nunchuk
  • Also includesa Trtle backpack glider
  • Take off in the T-Rawket
  • Fire the pizza shooter
  • Attach the winged backpack and catapult a Turtle into the sky
  • Glide to the rescue of Mutated Dr. O’Neil
  • Pull the lever to drop the mutagen bombs from the Kraang ship
LEGO Turtles: Karai Bike Escape 79118
  • Includes 2 minifigures with weapons and accessories: Karai and Leonardo
  • Karai’s motorbike features a dual exhaust, rubber-tread tires, machine gun and an attachment point for rope
  • Street set piece features a newspaper vending machine with exploding function, road sign, newspaper, red fire hydrant, manhole and a roadwork sign with orange light
  • Weapons include a black sword and a silver sword
  • Accessories include Leonardo’s skateboard, Karai’s motorcycle helmet, mutagen canister and a rope
  • Escape with the mutagen canister on Karai’s cool motorbike
  • Attach the rope to the bike and ride behind with Leonardo
  • Swerve around the roadwork sign
  • Crash into the street sign to make the vending machine explode!
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